5 Best Productivity Apps for Android users in 2016

5 Best Productivity Apps for Android users in 2016

With the lapse of time, technology seems to be whipping us all right on the faces with its new and unique innovations. Especially when it comes to the Smart phones or any android set, the innovations and advancements is always quite overwhelming, since with the new yet incredible applications android sets keeps getting better day to day.

And on maintaining the right feel down below we’d be discussing the topmost productivity apps for 2k16!
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Abbreviated for if, this, then, that, the app is absolutely quite worth given a shot. It is absolutely a very light-weight app that might not consume much of the data. One of the most exceptional facts of calling it incredible is that it automatically turns the phone on silent whilst you’re at work, which probably would happen if you set the settings accordingly to your requirements. Curtly speaking, IFTTT is absolutely amazing and has so much more in store for us. Hence, it’s up to you whether you want to explore it or not.


This one in particular will assist you regarding your business matters. Gluru utilizes the machine learning technology in such a way that examines or determine the files and provides them before you’d ever know you’ll need it. On the contrary the app works whole lot more when you keep getting in touch with it for a long while.


The wunderlist is again an absolute incredible app regarding the productivity matters, which for all the right or wrong reasons has been over taken by Microsoft. The app is incredibly easy and quite simple as far as its utilization is concerned. It makes a to-do list that has all the information about the things you’d be performing on daily basis. And for all these reasons it’s absolutely worth given a shot app that will absolutely end up on being amazingly productive to you.


On summarizing up this specific app, I must say it is amazingly exceptional with maintaining the productivity. It keeps all your important notes and hand writings safe and secured and is particularly an open format. On the other hand it can also save some important articles on the clippers. Another most amazing fact of this app that makes it a must have is that it can be everywhere whether it’s a desktop computer, android gear or android phone you can absolutely have it anywhere.


Last yet not the least! This one is absolutely the most versatile third party keyboard that ensures your productivity. The app is actually free and a must have if you want to speed up the writing, since it keeps on predicting the word that you might be habitual of using more and more. It does this with the engine that memorizes the vocabulary you use and makes a thesaurus of its own accordingly to what you write, so that when you start writing it automatically predict the words and makes the life productive quite exceptionally.

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