Trackmyfone review: The best value-for-money monitoring app is here

Trackmyfone review: The best value-for-money monitoring app is here

Tracking devices and smartphone monitoring apps are probably the most valuable innovations of this time and age; at least for someone who wants to ensure that the digital devices around them are not abused by their kids, employees or even spouse (let’s stick with kids and employee monitoring only). However, these apps, and especially tracking devices don’t come cheap. It’s quite fascinating to sift through tons of apps and devices, but when you have to pay for them, all the glory goes down the dumpster.

In a world where you have to pay hundreds of dollars to monitor your child’s cell phone or to keep tabs on their location, it’s inevitable that only a few families would actually be willing to use monitoring devices or apps. They would either prefer to keep smartphones and tablets away from their kids, or just ignore the fact the internet is a ruthless and dangerous place for minors.

This app Trackmyfone caught my attention and the epiphanies all together, when I realized that it’s the cheapest smartphone monitoring app around. Prior to this, I had been using PocketFinder for tracking my child’s location and cost me $149.95 for the device and $12.95/month for the service. Other than providing me location tracking and safe zone designation alerts (you are notified if your child enters or leaves an unsafe place), there isn’t much that the device is capable of, but with Trackmyfone, I don’t only get the location details and geo-fencing, but a few dozen other features, and that too at just $5.82/month.

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TMF: Features

First, I would like to mention that Trackmyfone is an app that you can use to monitor smartphones and tablets. Because this is a child and employee monitoring app, it’s necessary you look at the features from this perspective.

Social media tracker:

If you are a parent, you would know how much time kids spend on social networking. Spending excessively large amounts of time is itself debilitating for the health and performance of a child, but when you couple these risks with cyberbullying, child predating and unsolicited access to pornography (these risks are quite inevitable if your child uses social media), social media tracking sounds pertinent.

With Trackmyfone, you can view your child’s social activity (like chats, call history, photos and videos) from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, Viber, Line, Skype, and Kik.

Actuarial reports:

Be it a child or employee, assuming how much time they are spending with their smartphone isn’t a great idea; you actually need calculated figures. For instance, kids spend around 9 hours with their cell phone, on average; but only after knowing the real figures for your child’s cell phone use, you could know if they are doing better or worse than the majority.

Watchlist Alerts

Are you planning to spend your entire day in front of the computer, waiting for new phone logs to upload? Nah! That’s not the right way to monitor. The purpose of remote monitoring tools is to make you productive; Trackmyfone is an automated software that takes care of your employees or children’s cell phone activity.

Watchlist Alerts from Trackmyfone will ensure that you get updates onto your smartphone for certain locations, words and contacts. For instance, if there is a contact on your child’s phonebook that’s suspicious, you could get an alert when a call is made to them. Similarly, if you have to keep your child away from unsafe locations like certain neighborhoods, pubs, discos or bars, you can Watchlist locations too and receive alerts if your child moves into or even around them.

Remote Commands

When you have had enough of in vain conversations with your child about their cell phone overuse or abuse, it’s time you take control of things and decide what your child can child access on their phones and for how long. Remote commands on Trackmyfone allow you to block access to the installed apps on your child’s cell phone. You could also lock their devices during sleep or homework hours and take screenshots off their devices any time from Trackmyfone’s control panel.

The facts

Everything about this app seems fancy, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any downsides. Let’s talk about the pricing. As aforementioned, the app is available for $5.82 per month; yes, that’s true, but you will be billed annually for the subscription. Also, this pricing holds true only for Android Premium. Details of monthly and quarterly packages are below:

Android Premium

1-month subscription for $29.99

3-month subscription for $$39.99 ($13.33/month)

12-month subscription for $$69.99 ($5.82/month)

iOS No-Jailbreak

1-month subscription for $49.99/month

3-month subscription for $69.99 ($23.33/month)

12-month subscription for $99.99 ($8.33/month)

Trackmyfone is the most affordable app around, but only for its annual packages (even $8.33/month for iOS is the lower than other similar apps); much like how MacBook Retina 12-inch is the world’s thinnest laptop at its thinnest point, but not overall.

What’s missing?

I would have really liked the call recording feature on Trackmyfone that many other smartphone monitoring apps provide. It’s understandable considering the price though, but they could have slightly increased the price to provide the call recording feature.

About the app blocker—I didn’t like it much, as it blocks every app that’s installed on my child’s cell phone. No option for selective filtering of apps is available.

 Final verdict

Trackmyfone is a great app—it’s fast, light and easy to use, but above all, it’s very affordable. Parents and business owners, they all have a motive to use Trackmyfone. There are dozens of positive TrackMyFone reviews available on the internet, so you could always read through them too before making a final purchase.

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