Hayaat.pk – A Digital Health Platform Aiming to Transform the Healthcare Sector

digital healthcare platform

In just a few years’ time, we have seen so many startups stepping up to the challenge of solving the health-related problems in Pakistan. The reason why the number of healthcare startups is increasing is that there is plenty of room for improvement in this particular sector and the health problems continue to rise with each passing day. Even if we ignore this reason for a moment, we cannot deny the fact that people have to go through a lot of hassle while seeking medical facilities and there is a need for an authentic platform having complete details of healthcare facilities that can be browsed through smartphones.

Owing to this, a healthcare digital solution has been introduced called Hayaat. Hayaat.pk is a platform where people get to find the doctors online, book their appointments from the website or the application, find blood donors, nearest emergency centers, book lab test and order prescribed medicines online from the comfort of your home. It also has its own health blog where people can get all healthcare related information from the experts. Founded by Malik Usama, Hayaat.pk has set the foundation for the digital transformation of the healthcare facilities and has enabled communities at large to avail these facilities from the comfort of their homes.

What is Hayaat.pk?

Hayaat is an Arabic word that means “life” and the core essence of this platform lies in its name. It is a digital health platform that caters to healthcare needs of the daily life and contributes to a better quality of life. The users can easily find doctors, book appointments online, find volunteer blood donors, keep a track of their medical records, order prescription medicines from the trusted pharmacies that Hayaat.pk has collaborated with and locate nearest emergency centers. Hayaat.pk is a pioneer in enabling the collection of your blood samples from your home, get the lab tests conducted for you and deliver the reports right back to you. This means that you get to have your lab tests conducted without having to go there yourself. This collaboration with trusted pharmacies and labs has further added to the value that Hayaat.pk promises to deliver. The health portals on social media sites are also growing where we have authentic and reliable doctors registered with us to respond to your healthcare queries and concerns. The blog and the website is also getting more readership from across the world and adding to the knowledge of the people every day. These forums and blogs are not just targeted for the patients but the people at large, communicating tips on healthy lifestyles. From the specific and chronic diseases to the general lifestyle advices, these blogs cover a wide range of topics and aspects for the masses to take advantage of.

Hayaat.pk was launched as a web portal but with the growing usage of mobile phones and keeping users in mind, the application is now available on Android and iOS as well. Unlike other digital health portals, Hayaat.pk operates in a very systematic way. All the information available at Hayaat.pk is authentic that makes it a legal and safe way to access healthcare facilities.

Talking exclusively to us, Usama said, “Hayaat.pk is not just a healthcare platform but it is a vision to make healthcare facilities available to all. We have worked extensively in order to collect authentic data and getting doctors on board. In all the features that we are offering, we have worked day in and day out just to ensure that all the information available at Hayaat.pk is genuine and accurate”.

Being a startup platform, it wouldn’t have been less than a challenge for Hayaat.pk to get doctors on board but it still ended up quite successfully. “Definitely, it was a slow process but we were certain that the doctor community will support our idea. At the moment, we have a great number of doctors already on board with us and we are working further to reach out more of them to ensure that people successfully find the doctors of the particular specialties they look for and in the particular areas they prefer. The fact that the patients can give feedback to the doctors on their profiles through 5-star rating system paves way for other patients to choose the right doctor for themselves. On the other hand, the doctors also get to promote themselves and get more patients according to their area of specialty”, said Usama.

Hayaat.pk in the Light of Numbers

According to the figures released by World Health Organization in 2016, Pakistan ranks at 149th position in healthcare rankings among 188 other countries. This figure is not very satisfying for the 6th largest country with respect to population. Besides this international ranking, there is only one doctor for one thousand patients which is very alarming and serves as a major reason why people are not able to access medical care even in dire circumstances. Hayaat.pk aims to bridge this gap by bringing patients closer to doctors and specialists so that they can save time in booking appointments.

Currently, there are a large number of doctors registered with Hayaat.pk from three major cities of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad and more cities will be covered soon for finding the doctors and blood donors in and to make the services of Hyaat.pk available there. The groundwork is being completed for this purpose.

Malik Usama has the support and guidance of Mian Ali, the co-founder of Hayaat.pk. Mian Ali, with his extensive knowledge of the healthcare system in Pakistan, knows the imbalances found in the sector and this is why Hayaat.pk treats all doctors equally. “There are some doctors who have worked in leading hospitals and based on their experience, they are able to secure more patients. Similarly, there are those who get to attend lesser patients and Hayaat.pk is going to create a balance by providing an equal chance to new doctors. The feedback option is integrated to help doctors secure more patients based on the feedback provided by real patients” said Mian Ali.

How Hayaat.pk is Progressing

Within just a few months of its launch, Hayaat.pk has managed to cover three major cities of the country. Besides having a smooth running website with easy navigation, the mobile application is also being used by thousands of users. Each day, the platform is helping patients to book appointments with the best doctors in town. More doctors and blood donors are being reached out to get them on board. Moreover, new features are being introduced on a timely basis to make sure that the portal stands out as an end-to-end solution for all medical needs.

Hayaat.pk for Doctors

Hayaat.pk is not just for patients but doctors as well. Along with helping patients to book appointments online, Hayaat.pk allows doctors to manage their appointments in an efficient way. Not only can the doctors manage their appointments but also get notifications about upcoming appointments, follow-ups and cancellations. Doctors can also update personal information of the patients including medical reports, prescriptions, and other essential details.

Hayaat.pk also provides platforms on social media sites where doctors can interact directly with the patients and respond to their queries. This makes them practice their expertise on the go and add to their experience, coming across a wider variety of cases on these forums.

The Way Forward

Hayaat.pk plans to spread its wings in other major to smaller areas of Pakistan ensuring easy and equal access to healthcare facilities for all. The team is working to get more doctors and blood donors registered with Hayaat.pk. In future, the brains behind Hayaat.pk are planning to collaborate with more pharmacies and laboratories as well. More features shall be incorporated into the website and application to enable the users make cross comparisons and make more informed decisions before they choose a doctor to book an appointment with. All in all, Hayaat.pk aims to contribute towards the improvements in healthcare infrastructure in Pakistan and to maximize the availability of these services equally among the masses. Healthier Pakistan is what it looks forward to.