What’s There For Chicago Commuters In Transit Tracker App By When Transit

Whether you live in the windy city of Chicago or just happen to visit it for a while, you will realize that commuting to one place from another here can be quite a task. The trains and busses are always busy and to keep up with their pace, you would need more than just a watch. To make lives of commuters easier, When Transit developed an app by the name “Chicago Transit Tracker”. The app provides users with real-time information of buses and trains and has simply proven to be indespensible.

As the app created a lot of hype recently, we at Technologizer.com decided to put it to test and we can say without a doubt, we were more than pleased to have it in our phones. The app  provides users with real-time CTA rail and CTA bus predictions directly from Chicago CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), serving the Chicago metropolitan area. It is available on both Google Playstore and iTunes, so whether you use an iPhone or any android device, all you need is to click the Downloadbutton.

The app is fairly simple to use. All you need is a steady network connection to ensure the app keeps on running smoothly. We observed that as you are on the go, app can tell you about Realtime Chicago CTA bus (Next Bus) predictions for every bus stop in the Chicago region. Similarly, based on your location, you can locate “L-stations” via location station finder. It assists you by providing proper navigation, making it great for tourists or someone who is new in the city.

It has a complete mapping for Chicago L-rail stations and bus stops. The best part is that if you use any bus stations or L stations regularly, the app will save these frequent routes for you in the favorites list for easy access. It even has a feature which allows you to plan your trip in the city and even if you want to visit its suburbs, this app has the efficiency to keep on giving you directions making your trip completely hassle-free.

L –Map System for Wheelchair Accessibility

Chicago Transit Tracker is connected to GPS system; it tracks the real position of buses and trains and regularly updates it. As it precisely locates your location, provides real-time updates of train and buses around Chicago; it is unlikely for a person to miss their train by getting wrong information. People can check their train timings from home or office before leaving for their destination.

This app has been rated as number one app, for the category “transit tracking apps” and has also won an award for CTG transit tracking app, and after putting it to test, we can see why is that so. It is very user friendly, does not require in-app purchases for complete functionality and doesn’t have any confusing menus. “My Routes” feature is our favorite where we could save our frequent travel routes and gain much easier access to them whenever travelling across Chicago.

The developers were very careful in the choice of colors and graphic style which makes this app quite visually appealing as well. Trains have their specific line colors and common stations where the merger of many CTA line trains take place is depicted with colorful icons.

Whenever we do an app review of the transit app, we look forward for three things; frequency, speed, and walk-ability. The Chicago Transit Tracker app follows all the three principles efficiently.

Colorful Icon representing their CTA transit lines

So, readers, we have used this app, we have tested it and verified it personally in terms of usage. In terms of its effectiveness, ease of use and credibility, we recommend this app to anyone who needs a bit of help getting through Chicago.    

Chicago Transit Tracker is solely dedicated for the Chicago commuters yet When Transit aims to develop further applications for each state of US.