A Complete Walk-through of The Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager

When it comes to social media, so many words trigger us interestingly. The words like awareness, socialization, friends, family, sharing your ideas, being updated, brands, promotional marketing, advertisements and much more. How about getting all these words in just one ground? Where you can interact with all these words together. Yes, you have heard it right – it is going be all in one.

Knowing Facebook Business Manager:

First being familiarized with the Facebook business manager is much important, Are you one of the those who want to keep their account more and more secure? Yes, you are. Let us reveal about the term Facebook Business Manager for your ease and better understanding.

A phenomenon that should be known by many people who want to run their business profoundly – It is a platform for business to access pages, run business online, and manage products, catalogs and other assets on a greater level. It is assumed that branding, advertisement and promotion has never been so easy. It lets you manage accounts, check who has seen your pages, or you can say views, remove or change the permissions, get your work separated and much more – let us put a proper walk-through.

Facebook business manager widely helps you to manage your business on a large scale or even enlarging it. It is also a secure way to manage your accounts than any other platform as it gives you heaps of security options and settings to make it more appealing. Today, every business needs to have an organised and creative place to set up the accounts, run pages and achieve their promotional goals. Facebook business manager serves effectiveness and security to the entrepreneurs, businessman and other entities. Moreover, one must know that it is also a way of keeping your professional stuff separate from personal profiles.

Facebook for business is an idea that is enormously being adapted by many people in this era who are in favor of increasing their productivity and efficiency specifically. It is never a bad idea to be introduced to Facebook business and bringing creativity to your business, getting it known by everyone and even securing it to the maximum. It has changed the concept of business dramatically and made business to grow faster and more successful. It is all about what people share online using mediums that are digital. For instance, Facebook, Email, Twitter, Yahoo Bookmarks, MySpace, Windows live, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Buzz, etc. These are the unique platforms to make your business strategy effective and your work easier. The mentioned tools are associated with the online business portal. Specifically, the Facebook Business Manager is one of them that is used by many organisations on a large scale.

Reasons to Use Facebook Business Manager:

Today everyone acquires the best, a safe and secure platform for fulfilling their target in a competing world, so many businesses appreciate the Facebook Business Manager. Choosing this platform for upgrading your business has many reasons, which are discussed below. Let’s have a look at them.

1. You require more than one account:
There is different client business deal every day, so they somehow need different accounts for every client. The Facebook business manager is helpful as it provides you separate accounts for all the clients. Moreover, there are different payments for different ads, and can even set custom objectives for reporting for each client.

2. Request of accessing pages and accounts:
It can also be said that any business will be having a requirement of accessing pages on the regular, weekly or monthly basis. In this way, you can be an analyst or an adviser.

3. Assigning permission to people for working together:
Another reason of having this platform is assigning permission to different clients or even changing settings to it. Sometimes, people limit the audience to their pages or websites for some consequences. They can allow access to people that are role-based to pages and other assets of your business.

4. Insights and reporting:
Getting performance checked and reported has also been made easier with this. People are sometimes confused at sending feedback, getting approvals, expanding suggestions and so on as there is difficulty to find one proper portal for that. The more insightful you are, the smarter you become. That is why, it has become the most widely-used platform specifically for getting the reporting tasks done efficiently.

5. Getting more Audience:
It depends on your strategies and promotional goals that how you get your customers or even public attracted. It is more of getting existing customers happy and satisfied along with targeting new ones.

How To Use Facebook Business Manager:

Before knowing how to use, let us know why to use it.

  • Keeps you focused on your work.
  • Access to your pages, power editor and Ads manager.
  • Avoids your personal news feed or notifications.
  • Keeping everything organised and secure
  • Quick access to your pages.
  • The handiest way to reach your clients.
  • You do not need personal connections, friendships with people to assign a role.
  • Being able to not show your personal profile.
  • Getting business managed well.

Steps To Set-up FB Business Manager:

Once you are done with setting up an account on business.facebook.com, you need to get few things done

 1. Creating Your New Business Asset

In case, you currently do not have any business page, account or product catalog, you have to be creating that first. Create them using Add Menu.

Here, you’ll be creating assets through business managers that normally has some other terms and conditions. For creating a page, you will have to go to the business-setting menu and click on pages.

2. Getting Assets Claimed:

For that purpose, you will need business claim menu or asset claim menu. Additionally, you will immediately be added to the business manager. You’ll have to add assets, or else your client will not be able to claim that.

3. Requesting Accessing To Business Asset:

Just in case, if you are not the owner of the business, you need to request access menu to add it. However, approval of current admin or owner is required before adding these assets to your business. Sometimes, Facebook also limits the number of assets to it. The Facebook business manager is the most powerful tool for maintaining business yet somehow unpopular.

Why is it POWERFUL?

In a way, it is a complete package to get marketing strategies improved in different manners. It is widely used as it offers security, assurance, ease, convenience and much more than an ordinary advertisement management tool.


The methods of setting up and using Facebook business manager are not as simple as it seems and has some complexity. There is an extensive list of to-do things.

Facebook has worked a lot to overcome these shortcomings, and it became better. Up till now, many of the tasks & operations have been simplified or made lesser complex. Creating “help groups” for the marketers and “support groups” was an initiative to minimize the issues. It would be no wrong to say that the Facebook Business Manager has improved its services up to a great extent but still there’s a lot of room for development.

1. Miss-clicks:

Sometimes pages admin mix their identities, and it becomes difficult to track them.Sometimes they forget to switch back to their personal account, and the experience becomes embracing. Some of the marketers have to experience that.

2. Fake Accounts:
In social media teams or agencies, people create fake account for different purposes which is always a risk. Facebook has yet to overcome such fake profile and block them timely.


There were some short-term solution made by Facebook to overcome these problems. Facebook offers business accounts for selecting a group of advertisers before that idea they had to pay a lot of money.


  • No mixing up of personal and professional account.
  • Managing page rolls & account access in one page.
  • Agencies can make request for adding further accounts.
  • Security.


  • Switching cost is required for setup.
  • Sometimes you are not able to remove added accounts.
  • The difficulty of removing pages.
  • Scheduling of shared posts.

After setting up Facebook business manager, one must require proper guide and assistance for using it properly in order to avoid shortcomings and difficulties created by this. Marketers and page owners must know how to hire people smartly to run their pages and manage their accounts. It is highly suggested that proper guidance should be given to the business and employees who are likely to use that.