How to create backlinks | Increase traffic on your website

How to create backlinks

A good website theme with an interesting content is sadly not everything that you need to be concerned about when it comes to managing your own blog. You have spent over a hundred bucks on the purchase of domain, hosting, website theme and may be few other things but that’s an investment of money. Investment of efforts is the next big thing that you need to achieve. And that’s going to happen if you optimize your site according to what Google asks for. One of the ways to achieve this is by creating backlinks.

ONsite optimization and OFFsite optimization

Optimization falls into two categories and here’s how they differ.

On site optimization: This strategy is applied on the content itself by using different SEO tools like YOAST SEO which is available for WordPress. You achieve this by using keywords related to your article which you can find on different websites. For example: we have Google AdWords or for that matter.

A thorough keyword research has to be done in order to make sure that your article is ranked in the top results by Google. There are 4 major factors to identify which keyword is suitable for your topic.

  1. Volume
  2. Competition
  3. CPC
  4. Value

Right from day one, your articles must have right set of keywords placed at correct positions, used with the right density within the article for Google to know that something related to those keywords exists in its directory.

Offsite optimization: Moving towards type 2, it’s a little tacky. You need to play around a little bit to get actual good results. People are doing great with onsite optimization but are clueless about offsite optimization that we are currently talking about. And that’s why they are not getting their websites ranked well by Google.

Offsite optimization is all about creating backlinks of your web pages on popular websites. In simpler words, you refer your article on a website that has a huge traffic.

Before getting into how you create backlinks, I would suggest that you understand what kinds are there.

No-follow links: These links appear the same as Do-Follow links but the attributes of no-follow links tell Google or other search engines that the hyperlink should not affect that particular website’s ranking. These links are human understandable, meaning that humans understand by looking at them that they will be redirected to some other website, but they do not pass link juice.

Here is an example of a no-follow link: Google

Do-follow links: In case of do-follow links, Google is allowed to follow the page’s link and track if it’s getting a good amount of traffic. If yes, that website gets ranked at a good position. It’s a good practice to place your article’s keyword in the hyperlink text of your post.

Please note that all the links are do-follow by default.

Here is an example of a do- follow link: Google

How to create backlinks

Tip: Search for the websites that have a brilliant traffic. The following websites will give you an insight on that:

Now let’s come down to the main question, how exactly do we back link? There are 3 free methods to do it;

Comments: Take CNN for example. Every news that you search for, CNN tops the google search results in 8 out of 10 cases, giving us an idea that it really has a good page ranking. Go to one of the articles posted by CNN, open up the comment section and post something related to that article. In between your comment’s content, refer to one of your posts that exist on your BLOG in the hyperlink format.

Guest Posts: if your guest post gets approved and published on websites like say, Wikipedia or others, you have achieved a very big milestone just there. In your guest post, again, you need to mention a link of your article in between a very engaging and interesting content. This strategy is obviously hard to play but if you succeed, internet traffic is all yours!

Article Directory Submission: There are certain directory submission sites available on the web for free, namely;

Basically, its as simple as the heading suggests. You submit your post’s URL on these websites along with the keyword that you used in your article, and META description. Once you do that, you have successfully your post link on that particular directory for Google to start identifying that your posts exists somewhere.

I have tried to cover all the basic steps required to create backlinks and moreover, given concept of why we actually do it. I hope it was useful.