Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketer’s Checklist For Year 2017

Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketer's Checklist For Year 2017

With the penetration of internet and easy accessibility, the world has become a global village. The rate of internet penetration exploded when digital marketers took it as a vital source for competitive advantages in B2B and B2C businesses. On the other side, it also has brought number of opportunities for business growth since the invention of marketing software took a pace. At the same time, it is also important for you to have the keen–hand knowledge of digital marketing else you’ll end up with no way out in a jungle full of powerful tools and data segments.

Fortunately, if you have the right guidance, clear thought process and qualitative tools then digital marketing becomes no more any tedious science. In order to systematize your digital marketing strategies and upcoming plans, we have brought the major checklist for Digital Marketing that outlines basic tools and ingredients of today.

1. Website:

Long gone are the days when you were required to wait for hours and hours till the IT support staff entertains your request for web development or redesigning the current one. In order to extract the most out of a web, the first and foremost thing is to utilize CMS (Content Management System) as it features all the latest requirements, plug – ins and updates that a high quality website needs.

  • Mobile Optimization:
    • The website has to be mobile friendly, highly responsible to different screen sizes and should bring the same User Experience on all the devices as it is on desktop.
  • Maximizing SEO:
    • Well, there’s no need to worry for that. Almost every CMS has its own built – in optimization tools and metrics for search engine. Upon proper optimization, higher are the chances that your website may appear on 1st page of Google page.
  • Content Management:
    • CMS allows you to analyze, share and publish your content directly from modules without any hassle. However, it is very important to curate such content which unique, having impeccable English, well – structured having no grammatical mistakes.
  • Designing Landing Pages:
    • All you need to is to provide a stylish visual look to pages where your traffic directly lands. It could be newsletters or Add to cart page or any other advertising page. Digital designs are powerful tools to share knowledge and information on complex topics to the general audience.
  • Tracking Audience Behavior:
    • In order to keep the track record of your audience behavior and their flow through the website, you are required to embed “Google Analytics” with your web domain.

2. Blog:

Blogging has become one of the most influential marketing tactics for most of the businesses out there. First of all, it helps to bring the Organic Traffic to your website. However, as the website gets updated with new content, chances become higher that your visibility over search engine become more prominent.

In addition to it, a well – curated content with impeccable English is the best way to present your brand in the relevant niche or industry. This will also help your consumers to have a thorough navigation around your website. The content can also become the ultimate guide for lead generation if a consumer finds all the answers to his / her concerns before putting anything into cart.

Remember, there’s no such over – night success story when it comes blogging. Maintaining a well – curated blog can help you benefit in the long run with good lead generation rate. For the inspiration of our reads out there, go through these companies:

  • Evernote:
    • The website maintains wide range of content on its blog ranging from stories about podcasts to general updates regarding business industry. However, they do keep a strict schedule of content on company’s product updates:
  • Whole Foods Market:
    • When it comes to healthy food, there’s no other brand than Whole Foods Market. The company blog remains up to date with new learnings regarding food tips, healthy lifestyle, and nutritious foods.
  • Flikr:
    • In order to drive traffic to its blog, content curators keep the audience engaged by provided tips and tricks that ultimately enhances the skills of photography.

3. Landing Page:

Landing page can bring about the most amazing results that you never have ever imagined of. In order to capture the audience data for lead generation, the landing pages become the vital source for extracting the information. Believe it or not, creating engaging landing pages can ultimately convert your web audience into leads.

How Is That Possible?

Landing page has always a well – focused category that targets specific group of audiences. Now, there are different ways to drive online traffic to your traffic campaigns that may include:

  1. Pay per Click ad promotion.
  2. Social Media promotional campaigns.
  3. Email targeting.

Always remember to provide a value for money prospect to users in order to generate the leads and outrank your competitors. Here’s the best example of a perfect landing page:

4. Content:

When it comes to digital world, you might have heard the saying “Content Is King”. In fact, it is pretty much true up to a great extent. If your motto remains the same, you are definitely going to outrank your competitors at least over the online mediums. By incorporating interesting & valuable content into your blog can help you attain loyal readers that may turn into potential leads. However, there are certain things that you need to synchronize while curating the content:

  • Content Calendar:
  • In order to keep a consistent flow while dealing with content management, it is very important for the project lead to design content calendar consisting of planning for next weeks, months or even in some case the whole year in advance. Try to regulate the content calendar within the organization so that everybody gets on board and remains aligned with the team. However, there are numerous digital agencies that provide content calendar template and management if you have less work – force within the team.

5. Media Monitoring:

In order to measure the effect of online communication regarding the business, it is very important to subscribe yourself a media monitoring software or tool. A media monitoring tool allows you to track keywords against which you are ranking on the 1st page of search engine, backlinks and mentions. It becomes a great source to idealize the situation regarding what kind of content is actually being effective and brings the media coverage. You can develop further look – alike content ideas as well.

You can also hunt for leaders and bloggers that specifically cover your niche through media monitoring tool. You can directly contact them and can request to mention your brand on their social media so that most people can come to know about your brand name. However, the most effective way to attain quick fame among masses is to request blogger to curate such a content that gives the best alternative for the services you are offering.

  • Content Promotion:
    • When it comes to promoting the curated content, most of the time that you need to spend at office should be regarding the “Strategy – To – Do – That”. The bitter fact is, sometimes engaging content may not get noticed as it should – so, you have to make people notice your content. The best method to do so it give a heads – up through emails or social media after publishing the content on web page.

6. Search Engine Marketing:

Most of the consumers now prefer to shop online rather than going out & roaming around the market under scorching rays of sunlight. In order to cater the needs of online consumers, it is very important for you to top the chart in search engines. For that, here comes SEM that can increase the company reach to higher grades. Following mentioned are some of the key factors for successful marketing.

7. Search Engine Optimization:

According to a study by Chitika, top ranking at search (Google) acquires 33% of the total traffic that originates from Google on that specific keyword, while 18% for 2nd position and ratio keeps on decreasing from there. Here’s the chart:

  • Open Site Explorer by Moz can be beneficial for you in terms of over – viewing your current SEO strategies effectiveness and the keywords situations. You can also analyze the competitors’ ranking and overall SEO practices through the explorer.
  • However, finding the best keywords that have high search volume is yet another a daunting task. To make things easier for you, SemRush is the best of all keyword research tools.
  • Also try to learn some stunning techniques and tips by Brian Dean. Brain Dean managed to increase search traffic by 140% with Skyscraper Technique.

8.    Social Media:

There’s no hidden secret regarding the popularity and fame these social mediums have acquired in recent years. Within no matter of time, this medium has outranked all social mediums of communication even television up to a great extent. Well, who could have imagined that a young lad from Harvard can revolutionize the whole world with an idea on which he used to work during late hours and cold nights.

  • Social Media Cheat Sheet:
    • It is very important to keep the perfect dimension aligned with your creatives since Facebook used to change the algorithm very frequently. The worst nightmare for a digital marketing is to design the whole campaign perfectly and to run it with wrong image specifications. This thing will automatically lower the audience engagement and ultimately the CTR will be dropped.
    • Here is the cheatsheet for perfect dimensions of Facebook:

9.  Email Marketing:

When it comes to email marketing, its importance can’t be certainly ignored. As per Direct Marketing Association, ROI that generates from email marketing is more than 4,300%. However, the concern to cater is use of marketing tools and their pros / cons.

  • Email Marketing Tool:
    • Well, marketing tool has always been a vital role in the marketing strategy since it provides numerous benefits such as:
  1. Reduces effort and time.
  2. Send & propel personalized messages.
  • Sort customer segments as per their behavior.
  1. Generates relatively higher ROI
  2. Provide the opportunity for A/ B testing.
  3. Offers analytics on advertising such OR, CTR, cold and hot links, recipient profile
  • A / B Testing:
    • A / B testing basically includes slight CTA (Call To Action) changes, for instance, re – writing subject lines, play around with the “Click Button”. These slight changes can bring about remarkable difference in terms of ROI, and Click-through Rate.
  • CRM Tool:

In order to manage the account in a better and systematic way, CRM (Customer Relation Management) tools come handy. With the assistance of CRM tool or system, consumers can be accurately and easily segmented. Thus, allowing you to send the newsletters with such a content that your consumers actually like at such hours where they would like to give their e – mail a quick check. Some of the most authentic and widely – used tools for CRM are SugarCRM and NetSuite.

10.  Marketing Automation

Well, consumers have a very unproductive behavior when it comes to online shopping. Consume can move right outside the purchasing funnel based on their research. However, you digital mareting strategies should be optimized in such a way that it would not lose any consumer in the middle of purchasing funnel or don’t even let the consumer loose for a second.  You have to point the right direction for your business and easy path for the consumers to trigger the lead generation. This is where marketing automation comes handy:

  • Routine Message Automation:
    • To welcome the followers who have recently subscribe your newsletter.
    • To send and nudge the consumers with their abandoned carts.
    • On each purchase, to send a “Thank You” note or even at the point of registry.
    • To keep your consumers informed with all the latest / complementary services.
    • Even send the birthday / wedding greetings.

The marketing automation tool cal let you stay hassle – free of daily work on crafting custom emails for each individual.

  • Utilizing Existing Customer Data:
    • It becomes quite easy for a vendor to push the consumers throughout the purchasing journey if proper marketing strategies and automation tools are applied. Remember, every single user has different and unique profile – so it is the right time to send some drip campaigns based on their preference and interests. You are required to integrate the automation tools with your CRM & target the right audience for newsletters.
  • Generating & Nurturing Leads:
    • Once the profile of online consumer gets identified (for instance, personal profile of an online consumer can be extracted through form – fills), the automation tool automatically takes the data into its program and send newsletter accordingly. To turn the consumer into a loyal one, different approaches can be taken into consideration:
  1. Downloading White Paper à You can start the drip campaign accordingly related to whitepaper content.
  2. Webinar Registration – > you can send drip campaign featuring discounts on the products that are going to be discussed in the webinar.

11. Analytics:

Well, you have invested much of your money and time as well onto webpage, social media marketing, SEO, and email automation – now it’s the perfect time to monitor data, impressions and behavior of your online consumers. Look for more rooms for improvement and keep on implementing new strategies.

As far as Google analytics is concerned, every marketer should have to be equipped him/herself. Analytics is the only platform that accurately segments the data into respective channels. From consumers’ insights to webpage conversion, direct traffic to google search traffic – everything can be easily tracked with Google Analytics.