Facebook goes LIVE!

Facebook goes LIVE!

Mark Zukerberg never fails to impress! This young entrepreneur and such outstanding computer programmer is making good history for people for his next generation. While we engaged ourselves with new Facebook updates like newsfeed reactions and better form of business advertising, Mark was busy testing another feature which came out as Facebook LIVE this year.


Live streaming is not a new concept. If you are frequent twitter users, you must be knowing about Periscope which does the same work as Facebook live or maybe the Meerkat app. They allow their users to broadcast themselves in a form of video LIVE.

It’s not only for celebrities

For Facebook, this is a brand new feature. It was first introduced last year in August, but that was only for the prominent figures who had a good number of followers on their verified pages.


With more testing and positive results, they started rolling it out to common Facebook users across the globe.  Today, up to 30 countries have Facebook LIVE icon appearing on their Facebook apps on both ios and Android devices. It was first introduced in ios devices though and then came to the latter. Statistics showed that more than 50% of the people who used Facebook LIVE feature were the ones having android devices. Yayyy, Android!

Facebook LIVE as an advertising tool

I am sure you see a lot of lazy bones around you who would not make a good use of this tool. But everything can be made exceptionally useful. Facebook began as a social networking site where chatting and status updates were the key elements. And look at us now, a lot of people among us have pages there, trying to make a penny out of it. This is what Mark did for us! He gave us advertising opportunities to such an extent that our Facebook business page is now like our own official website. And it’s for FREE, unless you pay for sponsoring your ads. Coming to the point, this feature can give you BIG TIME opportunity to rise and shine. You can broadcast your exhibitions, for example, LIVE on Facebook and get real time feedback.

If you have a real estate business, let’s suppose, then you can pre-advertise your visit to a specific site so that you can engage more people to your event and then later on when you visit the site and make a live video, people can actually interact with you well. It will all be in REAL-TIME. Business can grow a lot if users know what the heck it’s all about. Pictorial ads are common now. Every brand new thing gets hype for at least a good solid year. By frequent changes that Facebook makes in its algorithm, your followers do tend to vary but you cannot deny the fact that it’s a portal where you can expect maximum targeted audience to interact with you.


Facebook balancing the load well

Broadcasting a live video to literally billions of people is the result of heavy duty done by some damn good engineers. It’s not an easy job. This feature was introduced by other applications but they have less users, so probably it’s not much of a hassle there. But here it’s a real challenge.  We are talking about more than 1.65 billion active users.

Facebook came up with a strategy to stop the ‘thundering herd’ problem to occur. This problem is basically when a live video has too many requests, they cause disconnection after some intervals of lagging and dropout. Here, by watching this video, you can see how they solved the problem.


Keeping all technicalities aside, let’s enjoy the new feature and if you are an entrepreneur, I say, BANG ON! The opportunity is right here for you!