How to make money using Instagram

instagram monetization - How to make money using instagram

A newly launched Instagram which was once only an iphone application, reached to its new heights with its hype and became a complete mobile application available for everyone, and not so soon the trendsetters took Instagram to web as well. A place where you can share and take photos of either yourselves or of others or even any piece of merchandise that you want to talk about – this is Instagram for you! Money making has pushed so many boundaries because of the number of mobile and now web based applications available. The only investment that you need to do is on a good phone or a camera, which will allow you to take good quality photos and then share them and voila, your job is done.

But again let me not make money making sound so simple, after all it does require your little bit of dedication and hard work. To this point, I bring forth few tips and tricks that will make your life easy and help you out in making money on Instagram, have a look.



Now when I talk about influencer that means that your presence has an effect or impact on the people, now how is that possible? Create such a bio which makes you sound genuine and attractive at the same time, include all your details necessary and since we are talking about making money on ‘Instagram’ then a bio without hashtag is incomplete. Put up suitable two three hashtagged details that will make you visible to a larger group of people but then again it is not the 100k followers that will make you a good influencer, infact the more engaged you are with your followers that will double your popularity to such an extent that even companies who sell their products will approach you. Popularity on Instagram can only be gained if you focus on three things:

a) Take good quality photos, and try avoiding googling them.
b) Post regularly and make them creative and attractive.
c) Talk to your followers specially the regular ones so that you can start earning their trust. Because in the end when it comes to marketing trust is a must.


Now that you have gained a good number of followers, it is time to market. A good influencer has a great market strength and that will always attract brands your way. By starting affiliate marketing, your role becomes diverse. Brands will want you to publicize their products. And with each product that you make it public and it sells out, you will earn few bucks. Affiliate marketing becomes simpler if you focus on a single niche for instance if your interest is regarding fashion then your posts should speak out fashion and the recent trends but if you are more fascinated by food then it should be regarding that, same goes for fitness/sports, movies, travel etc. There are few US based companies such as Ebates, Shareasale, Stylinity etc. that provide you a platform for carrying out affiliate marketing through their planned strategy. You can also update your bio by listing the affiliate URL in it or mention the link in your posts so that people can get easy access to the website for purchase.


Like I mentioned earlier, it is not always the number that matters, make your followers look up to you, like how you dress, what you wear, what you follow, and of course what you promote. And this is what any company of the brand wants to get hands on – they need such an influencer that makes a instant impact on its fans. But, since, the number of influencers on Instagram is increasing for making money, it becomes difficult to become discoverable to good number of people. But now with the likes of Fohrcard, Grapevine, an influencer can easily connect their Instagram account with one of these influencer programs and start their campaign, making their network closely knit with worldwide brands.


Money making on Instagram has enabled influencers to do innovative things, for instance any product they tend to advertise, they do so with the help of a photo or a video regarding it, in which they show themselves with that product adding to the image of the brand with appropriate mentions and hashtags to make the product visible to larger group of Instagrammers. But it is needed to be considered that if you as an influencer are trying to follow a particular niche then it is necessary that the sponsored content which you are to promote matches with your interest otherwise it adds a negative impact on your image and followers.


Instagram is all about photos so as an entrepreneur your photos should speak to your fan following. Real followers will only get hooked to your posts if your photos have some quality, so even if you are still a rookie in this field but want to become good in it then nothing can stop you. Firstly your photos will carry extra weightage if they are watermarked, not only your fans but also the brand companies will find your work to be serious. But make sure you get all the important hashtags added to the caption. Also, now with photography marketplaces available such as Twenty20 or 500px, you can get your pictures licensed and also sell them at good prices.


Although it sounds like ending a great business, but again when it comes to making money one should not stop. Instagram is a social network so there will come a time when managing your own followers and clients become a headache, so in cases like that you also have an option of selling your Instagram account in good price especially if your single post reaches to 4-5k people in a day then there is chance of getting around $5000 or may be more if the reach is even higher.

In the end, if your are really up for making money on Instagram then get yourself a Paypal ID and get the game started already. Good luck!