How To Select The Best Social Media Platform For Your Offered Content

top social media platforms

If you on the verge of investing some of your hard – earned money on the social media platforms, you must have set up your blog or website by now. Well, there’s no doubt that these blogs are best fit in order to gather relevant audience and to divert them to the website.

As of now, there are tons of social media platforms where you can set up your business profiles each having its own benefits and drawbacks as well. It is very important to keep in mind that the audience on each digital platform do vary in terms of their interests and target group. It is quite a task to choose the most suitable social media platform that relates the target group to your offered content.

 How To Select The Best – Fit Social Media Platform:

In order to extract the audience from social media to your website, it is very important for you to choose the right platform before you get into any sort of action. Believe it or not, this one of the most important decisions who fruit can be ripped in the long run.

It is highly suggested to consider the following factors:

  • Audience interest on that specific social media platform.
  • The target group that can utilize your offered content.
  • The basic skills that are required to offer the content.
  • The expected number of reach to which your content can be delivered.

Some Major Social Media Platforms:

Following mentioned are some of the top – notch, major and dominating platforms on social media.


When it comes to Google+, most of the people find it quite hard in learning the rapidly changing algorithms as compared to other social media platforms. On the other hand, learning the right pitch at Google+ can lead you to dominate amongst your competitors and will bring you many rewards, provided that you do put your efforts. Google+ has its own benefits and charm if you manage to get connected with right people and offer the most relevant content to its users. Some of its benefits are as follow:

  • Helps you to connect with the most relevant audience.
  • Offers you to share wide range of content with the audience.
  • Establishes your content authority.
  • Helps you to categorize the audience as per content.
SEO Benefits:
  • The most important and key factor that will ultimately help you to achieve higher ranking in Search Engine (Google) is SEO that can be benefited by associating your website with Google+. Furthermore, in terms of business, the feature alone undermines all the other platforms for social media. The question is, why your SEO will gain better result by simply associating your web with Google+?  The reasons for being that is, both the products (web & social platform) are by Google itself. Certainly, Google is the leading search engine platform hence sharing your content on Google+ will simply assist your SEO efforts and visibility of website.
Publishes Tags and Google+ Authorship
  • If you are much convinced to showcase your efforts using Google+ as the primary social media platform for your web content, you need to stay one step ahead. For that, you need to apply Google+ Authorship for each blog post that is written and posted on your website. It is very important for you to compose PROFILE BIO with a display picture. Doing to do so witll authenticate that you are the sole proprietor of the posted content. Google+ Authorship can either manually applied or automatically by installing plugins.
  • In order to keep a follow through of your fans and to interact with Google+ users sharing same interest as of your audience, communities are the best method to explore. It is very important for you to check whether those communities are either available on Google+ or not, having same interest as of your content. In addition to it, investigate well before jumping in that either those communities have active users with comments, shares and likes.
Local Business:
  • Google+ certainly takes the lead since it offers business pages and local listings. You can get the most out of this feature.


Other than Google+, if you want to opt Twitter as your primary social media platform then it is a high – time to tighten your sleeves. This is one of those social media platforms whose algorithm changes at a very rapid rate. On other hand, Twitter does benefit your with number of unique features that no other social media platforms offer, as we speak. With a very simply and user – friendly interface that allows you to easily connect with masses, you can loop the influencers for your offered content.

Finding Connections & New Leads
  • When it comes to twitter, it offers you a simple interface to get connected with audience and your followers. The etiquette of “Follow Back” is a very frequent trend that allows you to gather followers. In addition to it, participating in trendy hashtags can let you allow to fit relevant content – chances are, it may get viral provided that you have a qualitative piece.
Twitter Openness:

Twitter is an open platform where everything is public and can be easily found. If you are business owner, anything that you do share on twitter is accessible to everyone. Well, this can put a large dent on your services – providing capabilities, how? If customers tend to dislike your products or services, all those negative reviews can be read by everyone on twitter. However, the very same feature can unleash new leads and customers if you have satisfactory product quality and services.


Certainly, the largest social media platform that has revolutionized the entire patterns of digital marketing. Facebook offered the very first opportunity to digital marketers for paid campaigns. On the other hand, social media users tend to spend more time on Facebook as compared to other platforms. However, the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm have made it quite harder for digital marketers to gain popularity. In fact, the paid campaign on Facebook has to be technically sound in order to gain the required likes.


When it comes to Pinterest, it is the best choice if your business relates some visual creatives since this is purely visual niche. If you want to share any visual based information, that should be posted none other than Pinterest. However, it is very important to only share quality images and visible text highlighting the key content.


Link – minded professionals can get connected on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is said to be the best place for B2B and B2C connections since this platform leans towards professionals mostly.

Ask Yourself: What Are Your Objectives Behind Social Media Strategy?

Having the capacity to interlink your strategy with social media platforms should basically be the fundamental goal. For instance, if you can’t clarify why or how a specific channel will help you to accomplish your objectives, then it’s more than likely you shouldn’t go for it.

Ask Yourself: If You Are Up to Increase the Brand Awareness:

You ought to consider choosing a well-established social media platform that is in accordance with your offered content. In addition to it, this is amongst the best techniques for extending reach and raising awareness through paid promotions. For that, it is very important for you to inquire about the paid promotions budget and alternatives that are accessible to you. In this regard, Facebook has an extraordinary publishing manager for producing amazing ROI.

Ask Yourself: How Many Social Media Platforms Would You Be Able to Manage At A Time?

Do you know that 91% of retail brands utilize at least 2 social networking channels? While it’s exceptionally impossible that just utilizing one channel to exhibit your image will suffice, maintaining the ideal balance can be quite tricky. If you hop-on into too many platforms, you’ll spread yourself too meagerly and weaken the effect of your efforts subsequently.

An online networking tool, for example, Buffer will help you to spare time and resources by giving you a chance to schedule posting ahead of time for different social media platforms – for example, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

Such automation in your efforts over social media will empower you to consolidate more channels into your system, however it’s highly suggested to begin with a slower pace. Once you’ve found a few stalwart social channels that work for you.