How Hanging Out on Social Media is Messing With Our Relationships?

Social life is suffering a crisis these days and the primary cause is social media. The once-common conversation in bed or at the dinner table among couples has gradually been reduced to endless scrolling down social media websites. The same happens when the family members are around. It would be safe to presume that the internet has put a barrier between people. Most of people have now become lost in their social media websites. If you are wondering how hanging out on social media is messing with our relationships, scroll down the following text and get to know a few ways how does it happen.

10- Lack of Mindfulness

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Smartphones have become quite the covert distraction. These completely inconspicuous devices barely bother anyone, but they keep one’s mind distracted from a direct conversation. We are so deeply immersed in our daily lives that we have begun to prioritize this cyber world over the reality. We are more eager to share our dish on Instagram or any other medium rather than share it with the person sitting next to us. Being unable to pay any attention to changes brought about the smart phones makes us even more susceptible to social media immersion.

9- Destabilization of Relationships

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A constant give and take is important to sustain a healthy relationship. In this setup, we think of the other person just as much as we think of ourselves. The balance is upset with smart phones and social media. These media implore us to pay more attention on ourselves. We are gradually becoming non-empathetic individuals with this. That is another major reason why table conversations are becoming more and more difficult to endure. The digital world makes us indifferent towards reality.

8- Prioritizing the Wrong Methods of Conversation

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Social media has us convinced that our notifications and alerts and invariably urgent. The urge to reply to these notifications overpowers other forms of communication. With this habit, the real life conversations occupy a secondary role in our lives. It damages social life because shallow written conversation only serve as poor alternative to personal and face-to face conversations. We are less able to admire the little things that make our lives happy.

7- Separation Anxiety

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By far one of the worst reasons how hanging out on social media is messing with our relationships is the separation anxiety we suffer from once we lose our smart phones. Addiction to smartphones has become so common these days because the only way to prevent it is by limiting your daily usage. As a consequence, we tend to lose sight of what real life conversations look like, and even when we do, the anxiety is much too powerful to let us admire these conversations.

6- Loss of Communication Altogether

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Smart phones can bring about a complete communication breakdown among couples. With a constant stream of notifications and alerts, phones have become a neverending distraction. It is hard to be intimate in the midst of it all. Couples distance from each other and gradually their social media profiles take over their real life activities. We have forgotten the influence and the value of an earnest talk with the spouse, and so our social lives have dwindled.

5- Spontaneity

Nowadays, spontaneity is unheard of. One can no longer visit another person with informing beforehand, invitation or cause. Only a few generations back, what used to be a common occurrence has now become a social taboo. The reason is that cell phones have brought social media to our hands at all times. The speed of conveying messages is infact too fast to help our social life. The social lives suffer as a consequence of this.

4- The Filtered Selfie

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A selfie is one of the most painstaking formalities of social media that everyone has to put up with. A simple selfie without a filter job simply won’t do, and thus photo editing apps have made a fortune for themselves. This continuous editing is addictive. Gradually we find it difficult to survive without it and we end up creating illusions about ourselves. This scenario repeated a couple of dozen times gives us a fake idea of our identity. That is one of the many ways how hanging out on social media is messing with our relationships?

3- Inability to Pay Attention

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If ever you try to make a very sentimental remark, trying to raise the level of a mundane dialogue and as you await a response, you realize that the person next to you is miles away. This has become a habit more than a necessity and as a consequence, we have started to shy away from intimate talk or direct contact.

2- People Always have Access to You

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It is almost impossible to hide. One often feels like going underground following a break up, but the social media feedback is way to strong and nudging to ignore. One cannot help but face the public embarassment of a breakup. This is one of the many similar scenarios, where social media offers a little too much exposure and one cannot find alternatives to it.

1- Dissatisfaction

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One can fake a great life and a happy relationship on the social media even when one is going through a relationship crisis. For another person, this sets an artificial standard which is too high to meet. Dissatisfaction in one’s own relationship is soon to follow this phenomenon. Depression and stress are the obvious consequences. With the exposure granted by social media, it is hard not to compare yourself to other people. It can be depressing or stressful.

Cell phones have contributed greatly to our lives and so has social media. It has set new standards for sharing your experiences and it has made interactions incredibly easy and universal. These almost fantastic benefits have also come with a threat to our social lives. As social media grows, society itself suffers. In a nutshell, social media has a downsied which is too harmful to ignore but also too easy to dismiss. Here are a few ways how hanging out on social media is messing with our relationships? It has brought society to such a state where ordinary conversations seem comic and dramatic.