Imaginary Internet Friends – Are they Delusion or Reality?

Internet friends are often branded to be imaginary friends and people believe that they hold no importance in real life. Internet friends have been one of the many new trends brought about by social media. If you have an internet friend and you appreciate his or her company on the social media website, you can imagine how much you are engaged. To some people, internet friendships are just to kill time and there is not reality in them. Here are a few things to help you understand the dilemma of imaginary internet friends – are they delusion or reality? If you think that you are only imagining them to be your true friends, here are a few reasons which will sway your mind.

8- They are Based on Virtues

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Appearances have a very small role to play especially among internet friends. You only become friends based on your virtues. Your hobbies and your taste in things are what bring you together. This is the reason that internet friends can get to know you better than your real life friends without ever seeing you in person. The mere fact that appearances are not a factor in the friendship makes the friendship truly unique and invaluable.

7- Internet Friends Can and Will Cheer you up Anytime

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One tends to be more expressive with internet friends. Internet friends can be more loyal and dependent than friends in real life. The reason is that there are usually no repercussions or risks of revealing your problems and your true self to these friends. Internet friends may be branded imaginary but the fact is that they are ready to cheer you up anytime. That is also the reason they become our go-to choice of company when we are in need of some moral support.

6- Internet Friendship is Harder to Sustain

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It takes more effort to sustain a friendship and to keep it alive and to keep it enjoyable. Internet friends tend to become stronger friend on the social media because both individuals put in some effort to stay in touch and to keep their friendship a pleasant experience. Internet friends are easier to drift away from which is why keeping them is more demanding and thus more rewarding. Sure going to the mall or the restaurant with a normal friend seems like a bigger deal but you don’t need to do much beyond that to keep it alive.

5- The Ultimate Confrontation

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These friendships can reach an even deeper level. If you ever decide to meet with each other, it is a marvelous experience because you meet a virtually new person who knows almost everything about you. If you have internet friends right now, plan on making this happen some day. It will be a grand experience for you and this experience will tell you how true internet friends can be. If you are comparing notes on imaginary internet friends – are they delusion or reality, this singular factor is the most important in determining their worth.

4- These Friends are from all Over the World

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Talk about delusions, internet friends can be from different countries. They can even be from the opposite poles of the earth but that does not keep them from being true friends to each other. It means that if you have internet friends, it does not mean that you are the non-sociable person. Quite the contrary, it implies that you are a versatile personality who can put up with and befriend people from various different cultures and societies. That is something to be proud of.

3- You Have Matching Tastes

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Afterall, that is the grounds for internet friendship. Internet friends have much more in common than real life friends. That is because you become friends with each other from a much bigger pool of people than real life. You are likely to have similar tastes in music, movies, fashion and everything else in life. Talking with them is a win-win scenario. Both of you get to enjoy talks and discussion. That makes internet friendship a great experience. Far from delusion, it is reality at its purest!

2- Serious Talks

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It is easier to be more intimate and open to an internet friend than a friend in real life. This is probably because one does not have to go through the drama and the awkwardness of knowing that person in real life. One is likely to be more open about childhood resentments, feelings and innermost emotions. In this regard, internet friends can take the form of a psychologist to some extent or another. That kind of friendship serves as an asset too valuable to let go of. It is also one of the many advantages of internet friends which motivates one to stick to them.

1- You are One of Them

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This is true for anyone who has internet friends and is evaluating them. You are as much their friend as they are yours. The natural sense of belonging is even stronger than it is with friends in real life. One can interact with internet friends one a more trustworthy and honest level. You and your friend are both on the same level. You indulge in the friendship as equals. It is rare to see in real life friends, but it is a great advantage because it promises you a trustworthy friend.

Making internet friends is not a habit which is commonly acclaimed. In fact, the indulgence is looked down upon by many. Internet friends are made out of a pool of people you don’t know. The one in a thousand friends is sure to be someone who shares a lot with you in terms of personality and tastes. This is one of the many factors which make internet friends, unreal and also give birth to an important question imaginary internet friends – are they delusion or reality! You may never get to meet them and they may even be from the other side of the world, but it does not mean that these friends are altogether imaginary in any way! In fact, it all depends on your own level of affiliation with your friends in the cyber world. If you both are serious you can turn your imaginary friendship into reality any time you like.