TOFU MOFU BOFU – The Ultimate Sales Funnel For Your Business Model


The term sales funnel is not as new as technology nowadays in the market. However, our procedures and applications towards the funnel have completely changed with the advancing world. Being professionals in sales and marketing, it is our foremost duty to supply complete guidelines along with all the pertinent information to our buyer’s at every individual step. The main goal is to provide the appropriate entrance to our buyer, which leads and nurtures him/her in such a way, that a permanent customer is earned.

The perfect steps lie in making a flawless goal, which attracts and brings customers at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. This strategy of achieving more and more customers is what sales funnel is all about. Dividing the funnel into the most suitable sections, we come forward with three terms, TOFU, MOFU AND BOFU.

  • TOFU-Top of the funnel,
  • MOFU-Middle of the funnel
  • BOFU-Bottom of the funnel

Every individual organisation has their details of the funnel yet the key fundamentals remain same, which in a combination build the foundation of sales and marketing.


At this initial stage, a buyer struggles to find solutions to his/her problem or fulfill a need. In general, the buyer is trying to get a sufficient knowledge that can easily be understood and lead them to the best solution. Being on the very basic stage, people get a sort of less importance because the surety of them becoming a buyer is very little.

The key to success is finding a sufficient number of leads, to do a successful business. For this, people need to know that you are in need of them and therefore positive steps start with answering a buyer with the right answers and finding the perfect solution for someone in need. Nowadays, the trend starts with online shopping. Therefore, one of the focuses must be on creating blogs that are rich in appropriate keywords and have the magnet to attract visitors and buyers. The best and most used site where anyone can find you easily during a survey of topics that lie in your sort of area is Google. This is an increase in growth and marketing of your products, in fact, the organisations and companies with the blog making strategies have a larger number of website traffic than others.

Taking appropriate steps in the very appropriate manner is far more important. Blogs creation is not the focus; blogs creation in such a way that they market you and appear rightly on search engines when needed is the prime objective. One should make sure of the properly fitting keywords along with catchy Meta titles and relevant descriptions that can easily fulfil the need of the buyers on the other side of the screen. Make very sure to keep the content of your blog up to date. Once your blog goes into attention, promote them largely and let your business get into the market.

Besides blogs, other marketing schemes are also to be followed for example research reports can be published regarding your sales with a little more amount of information that can grab the attention of customers and build their interest in becoming a buyer.

E-books can also play the role of blogs for marketing purposes. Keeping in mind social media and internet are one of the best ways to earn buyers and later then turn them into leads, E-books and white papers can be considered as suitable options.

Following the funnel in the apple pie order, the next phase of the funnel is the Middle of the funnel (MOFU). The positive strategies of the TOFU are incomplete without the MOFU strategies.


This phase of a properly functioning and well-organized funnel contains complete information about the customers and buyers. This part of the sales funnel shortlists the numerous leads and disqualifies the inappropriate leads. During this level, buyers know that they are going through a problem or he/she is in need to determine the most appropriate solution. MOFU consists of better leads as this phase is closer to the decision of purchasing. It gives an idea of the importance of the purchase being made and whether or not the content is to be considered.

It covers the overall content regarding your business, its solution and your proposed brand. Where on one hand, top of the funnel mainly focuses on providing information to the buyers so that they can easily solve their problems, on the other hand, Middle of the funnel states various reasons for the products and services being worth consideration. The major difference between the buyers and those who are capable of being the leads can be easily distinguished here. Publishing your blog or research report is not all you need to do. Make it worth reading and a masterpiece of information that can easily grab the attention of buyers to avail the best leads. Also, entry forms can be added to blogs so that complete information of the visitors can be saved. Later on, these emails can be used for finding the best leads and purchasers.

Until and unless the customers are not willing to buy the products, make sure to make the best move to establish a trust relation. This phase can also hold up several different pieces like videos, podcasts and webinars. Once this phase is successfully passed, the third and the last phase of the funnel mainly considered as the bottom of the funnel is brought into action. This is the most critical phase involving the real strategies of converting leads to customers.


On this point when the highly qualified lead is finally agreed on buying a product and using it, the only question that blocks the gateway is who the appropriate host is an where to buy from exactly. Mostly at this bottom of the funnel phase, the leads are just waiting for a stimulus to give their response as they are almost done with their research, finding various appropriate solutions and compared numerous vendors. The appropriate BOFU strategy will be providing a best to react guide for their leads for a quick action of the leads. Consideration of the fact that almost of the websites contain BOFU offers and blogs is very important. For example, the free of charge trials and methods along with the easy to buy coupons and discounted offers are the buttons on every site. Moreover, it is an obligation to have the best BOFU offers to grab the attention of the visitors who are nowhere close to buying.

Another positive step is to combine the BOFU, and MOFU offers together as they give a good impact to your customers keeping their information aside and promoting your sales. This in result will increase the growth rate of your leads and highlight you on various sites providing you with more and more visitors. The Bottom of the funnel is not just bound to the information of finalising deals with your customers. It also plays a vital role in maximising results and bringing possible positive outcomes from your sales and promotion. It your blogs is getting many visitors, and you seem to have traffic on your website, then upgrading it is the best option. One of the best approaches is to know the better ways of playing with rates in the market. The rates for conversations between a visitor to lead and lead to the customer must be affordable for social media services and high in case of e marketing.

This phase of the funnel should be having a completely trustworthy conversation where the customer would finally interact with you without hesitation. The deal can never be made with one hand both the customer as well as the provider has to work on their involvement and interest in the deal.  This bottom of the funnel phase also includes various ideas like Case studies, live demos, trials and consultations etcetera. If you have this knowledge at a sufficient level, you can easily understand the needs of your customer.


This type of marketing approach is entirely different from the everyday boring deals of cold calling and pressuring that include the deadly limited time offers. It is a better and worth having experience in the market.  In the initial stages of the creating the sales funnel, you may be confused about how to organised it in the apple pie order. However, you must try to reach the minds of your audience and match with their needs for your marketing. Also, make sure of some points.

  • TOFU must be covering all of the contents you have in your persona.
  • MOFU should be solely based on your business, solution and proposed brand.
  • BOFU should be able to define how you can easily fulfill the needs of your customers.