Youtube Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Youtube Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many people are found asking about how they can make money using Youtube. “YouTube affiliate marketing” has now become very common and anyone who is good at making videos, is taking advantages from this term. This article is a simple guide to “How to make money through Youtube” and involves all the necessary steps and guidance that is required in the process.

How It Is Done:

One thing should be made clear that the approach towards earning money through Youtube should be a “realistic” one. Do not deceive yourself in believing that since Youtube earns so much I would earn around a million or two very easily. No! that is not the case. These are the statistics: if you upload a video then there is a chance of earning as low as 50 cents or as high as 5 dollars for every 1000 views.

The Key Element:

The key to this success is “be patient”. If you want to become the next RayWilliamJohnson then you would have to have a steady pace. With that said, this is how the formalities are done:

You make an account on Youtube and then apply to the “Youtube Partner Page”. This is your doorway to earning money through Youtube. You would be required to fill an application and wait for acceptance. If you get accepted, you need to make another account on AdSense. This is how you are going to get your money.

Knowing The Copy Rights:

The next step is to get yourself familiar with their rules and regulations. The most important rule is to upload only those videos that have been made by YOU and only YOU. This means a person cannot post somebody’s work as his own on Youtube until and unless they give permission to do so. This also means that videos of TV soaps, concerts, songs etc. are also not allowed until you have sufficient permission.

Advertisements For Your Videos:

The next step features an ad that is made for your video by Youtube. Every time your video is viewed by somebody an impression is created and at the end Youtube can give you the due share of revenue by calculating these ad impressions.

Online Video Studio:

Now you are a Youtuber who gets some share from the Youtube for uploading his content and who also happens to get more than like 10,000 views. If that is how things work out, you don’t need to receive just a small share of your uploaded videos anymore. Join Online Video Studio (OVS). This will obviously cost you something but in return you will get a good audience. In this way, you will become a full-fledged partner.

Other Ways of Marketing via YOUTUBE:

This was just one way of making money on Youtube.  There are many others ways, for instance:

Mentioning relevant links at the end of your videos: This is a brilliant and very easy procedure. The trick is involved in figuring out what sort of links are placed. The answer is, placing those links that are somehow affiliated with the video being watched is good practice.

In this way if your video is lucky enough to win your viewer’s heart, the user would definitely want to watch some more. This way you would make money.

Selling Your Videos:

Another method is to sell your videos. This method only works if your videos have some great work in them for example the “How to” videos can get benefit from this method.

Videos Are Not The Only Thing That Can Be Sold:

If you have goods of your own, you can use your videos to brag about them and attract the viewers from all over the world. There are sites that allow you to sell your stuff. However, on Youtube, you can make a video about those products and let people “watch” it. This would help you gather more audience and thus more customers.

Find A Sponsor:

If you have good ratings and your views are also high, get yourself a sponsor (a company for example). In this way, you can make a video about their product and they can pay you for it.

In the end, you just need a go–ahead brain and a business approach and you can earn all the money you ever wished for.