10 Best Background Music Themes of TV Series

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What is a TV series without a good background music theme? BOOOOORINGGG! I do not remember the last TV series I watched that did not have a good background music that is themed for it. Usually the television series I watch have a good music theme. One of my all-time favourite background music themes is that of the television series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”. “I’ll be there for youuuu..”. It was heartfelt by every single person who has watched friends. The lyrics were so well written that you cannot help but love it. Everybody out there who literally is a Hollywood fan certainly wants two things, to have the best background music of movies/tv series in its phone.

There are several other TV shows as well that have background music themes with good music and astute lyrics that just CLICK you. Ten such background music themes are mentioned below, in case if you have not heard them yet, go ahead and give them a hear.

  1. Smallville Theme Song

Smallville’s background theme song, “Somebody Save Me – Remy Zero”, is the perfect song for the series. It is like the whole story of the series within a single song, in just a few minutes, four minutes and twenty-eight seconds to be precise. The plot rotates around a boy who came in a spaceship and fell in a meteor shower, who grew up to be the superman. It is all about how he became SUPERMAN, everything that made him be this strong, all about his friends, family and his enemies. In every season, he has new and disastrous problems to deal with so the theme song, ‘somebody save me’ just nails it.

  1. Once Upon a Time

This is another of my favourite TV series that I always take time out to watch. It is a pretty cool TV series! Why would I say that? It makes you believe in magic, in the unmatched power of a mother’s love, it makes you believe in the power of a true love’s kiss and it makes you believe in the fact that everybody has their own story and is special in their own ways. It makes you believe in fantasies and lets you take a break from all that hectic routine of yours. Just like every other TV series, it is full of suspense and drama, which makes it worth watching. Its background music theme is as if somebody just sprinkled magic dust in your ear. It is sparkly, mysterious and goes from glow to dark with just plain and simple piano music. I am not sure about who the composer is but I guess it is Mark Ishaam and he definitely deserves a round of applause for the amazing compositions.

  1. Breaking Bad

“Breaking bad theme cover was composed by Dave Porter.”  Its background theme was based on pure music and nothing else. I use the word “was” because the show ended in 2013. The music however is very expressive. It starts with a suspense thriller kind of music – the kind that you will get to hear in Shanghai and it ends in suspense. The music starts to make even more sense when you put Walter White in the picture.

  1. Game of Thrones Theme Cover

Then we have game of thrones theme cover. It goes from mysterious to fierce, from fierce to deep, from deep to sad and from sad to a mysterious end again. Ramin Djawadi composed its theme song and Varese Sarabande published it. The theme song is instrumental with a main title that is extended to a series of title sequence. The series revolves around several families who fight for control. The series has everything for a viewer; it has suspense, drama, fantasy, adventure, action, some more suspense and a touch of love and lust.

  1. Beauty and the Beast 1987, Music Theme

Beauty and the beast, the television series that initiated in 1987 and continued until 1990 had an expressive music theme to it. By hearing the tune, you can tell that the series is based on love and its related consequences. Its music theme was composed by Lee Holdridge. The tune is emotional and slow at first, then the pitch gets louder and yet the emotional chaos within the tune remains. The way Holdridge has played with the tune to create emotions is commendable. KUDOS!

  1. The Originals’ Sequence of Background Songs

Just like numerous other television series, the originals, has a sequence of songs that play in the background of every episode. One of those songs I really love is “Let It Go – The Neighbourhood”. It was played in episode 7, Bloodletting, of season 1 in the scene where Marcel welcomes everyone to fight night. The scene is so full of action that it made me want to hit someone right then! No really! Watch it for yourself and you will know what I am talking about. The songs and the scene, both, end with suspense.

  1. Vampire Diaries Sequence of Background Songs

Vampire Diaries is a TV series that initiated in 2009 and is still running. It revolves around a girl who is admired by two vampires. The girl was a part of their past and is a part of their present. It is about love, drama, romance, horror and fantasy. It makes every girl want to have a vampire lover, more precisely Damon (no offence to the Stefan fans though). I like a background song that played while Damon and Elena danced to it, for one last time. It made me cry and my heart literally ached for them. The song was “Hunger  – Ross Copperman”, it was played in episode 22 of season 6.

  1. Beauty and the Beast 2012, Background Sequence

First of all, I love Kristin Kreuk; her acting skills, her admirable beauty, her smile and her eyes are worth dying for. Secondly, I love the plot because seriously who does not. It was one of our childhood stories that made us believe in fantasies, quite different though but based on the same idea. Coming to the songs that I love from the series, there are numerous of them, which I absolutely adore. One of them is “Wherever You Will Go – Charlene Soraia”, it plays in the background when Vincent and Catherine dance at the wedding reception of Cat’s friend. The lyrics and the music will make you so emotional, like “oh so emotional” that you’ll love it.

  1. Supernatural Background Song

Supernatural has an instrumental music theme to the series, which is amazing in itself and a good choice by the directors I’d say but that is not what I am talking about here. I want to talk about the song “Two Days in February – The Goo Goo Dolls” which was played in episode 3, The Girl Next Door, season 7, when Sam and Amy have a little chit chat about being freaks. The scene on which the song played made it even more worth it.

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Theme Song

This series and this song will always be on the top of my list. ALWAYS! The series was a hit and every minute of it was totally worth watching. The theme song of friends’ “I’ll be there for you – The Remembrandts”; the lyrics were PERFECT, the music was lively and it sounded amazing every time it played during the start of the series. There couldn’t have been a better theme song for the series. All the characters and their quotes are still famous and they have all gone to their own ways (read = own successful ways).