GOG volume 2 is part of Guardians of the Galaxy series, based on science fiction, comedy genre. It was released in April 2017 in Tokyo, whereas by May it was released worldwide. It is an American superhero team (Guardians of the Galaxy) based film, produced by Marvel Studios. Fifteen films have so far been produced under Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 being the latest one. James Gunn who wrote and directed the first volume, also paid his service for the second volume. Just like the first volume, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 also comprises of good and content based songs making the movie livelier. It is so far, the 6th highest grossing movie of 2017, grossing over 430 million $ in box office.


Keeping volume 1 in mind, this movie has not failed to disappoint with on point acting, songs and cinematography. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is all about action, comedy and a little bit of romance. But then too, volume 1 has still kept its charm intact and is still being considered over volume 2. The storyline continues from where it ended in part 1. The adult Groot is now actually a baby Groot, with all the other cast remaining to be same as well.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are set off to another mission assigned to them by the Sovereign to save the valuable batteries, although they managed to save the batteries but the inner thief of Rocket raccoon urges him to steal few batteries and that leads to Sovereign again chasing after the superhero team. Volume 2 is movie more about family reunion both for Peter Quill and Gamora, where Peter Quill learns about his real father and other unanswered questions related to his past. Gamora on the other hand, wanted to set things right with Nebula (her adoptive sister), but the neglected Nebula had other plans in mind. Peter Quill will also make us enjoy to his Awesome mixtape 2, comprising of songs such as Mr.Blue Sky by electric Light Orchestra, Fox on the Run by The Sweet, the Chain by Fleetwood Mac etc. James Gunn chose all the songs for vol. 2, including some famous and some unheard songs in the collection. Tyler Bates returns for this movie to compose the scores for this film. It is a good family movie (PG 13 rated) with lots of gag moments, and is surely a must watch movie of 2017.


The main cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 is almost same with few additions;

Peter Quill – Chris Pratt
Mainly known as to be Star Lord, he is half human and half Celestial, son of Ego. Peter Quill is the main member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Although he considers himself as a leader, sometimes his actions tend to be irresponsible.

Gamora – Zoe Saladana
Daughter of Thanos, previously known to be assassin. But later, seeks refuge from her past evil doings. She is considered to be smart among the members of the team.

Drax the Destroyer – Dave Bautista
A warrior, who sets out to seek revenge against Thanos in volume 1. In the second part though, he is shown to be funny, and possessing a sensitive side.

Baby Groot – Vin Diesel
The Adult Groot who sacrificed his life in the first volume, returns as baby Groot. It will entertain us with his adorable stunts in the second volume of the film.

Rocket – Bradley Cooper
A genetically engineered raccoon, very skillful with weapons. Usually teamed up with Groot, he is a bounty hunter.

Nebula – Karen Gillan
The adoptive daughter of Thanos, she has always been neglected thus had never liked her step sister, Gamora.

Yondu Udonta – Michael Rooker
A father like person to Star Lord, he is a leader of the Ravagers. A lot will be discussed about Yondu and Quill’s relationship and also Yondu and Ego’s relationship in this volume.

Ego – Kurt Russel
He is the biological, celestial father of Peter Quill.

Ayesha – Elizabeth Debicki
She is the leader of the Sovereign Race.


Comparing the two volumes, like I said previously, volume 1 easily manages to stay on top. According to the famous Rotten Tomato ratings, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 scored 81 % on Tomatometer, whereas for volume 1, they are still rated to be 91% on Tomatometer. Although, with the kind of reception gotten from both the movies, James Gunn has announced the third sequel to it, now let’s wait and see what is more stored in for next movie and of course the Awesome vol. 3 mixtape will be looked forward to as well.