Silicon Valley season 4 is soon to get aired!

silicon valley season 4

Silicon Valley show is back on the television with its 4th season. HBO’s featured show is going to air its first episode on 30th of April, which is this Sunday! The main cast of the show sat together for an interview where they revealed some hints about the upcoming season!

As Thomas Middleditch, who plays the main character of the show mentioned, “Richard branches out on his own outside of Pied Piper and pivots on his own”. This gives us the idea that Richard will be seen leaving his own company that he founded. Sad! This season will put a prime focus on Richard’s relation with Jared and drama between Dinesh and Richard.

Here is a link to the trailer of the 4th season:

Silicon Valley show is an inspiration from the real startup by the name of Pied Piper. The show producers have tried their best to cast those characters on the show who can possibly mimic to their full the real personalities that exist inside the real startup in Silicon Valley, Sand Francisco.

The cast of the show was questioned why Silicon Valley is gaining popularity to which Indian guy, playing the character of Dinesh, replied that Silicon Valley is all about technology and what happens behind the bars. Everybody is using technology these days and he mentioned that people would love to know how all the apps that we use are being developed – behind the scenes, the political drama, within team battles, market competition, etc. The interest for such shows is growing over time.

I personally cannot wait for the show to begin. Silicon Valley fans, including me, are all very excited! Let’s see if the show lives up to the hype.