Youtubers one step ahead – starring in movies

Youtubers one step ahead – starring in movies

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much would you believe the fact that Youtubers are now coming into movies? Hard to believe, right? They are just some random people who create a channel and then start featuring themselves in some ordinary videos. Movies is a big thing. So, really? Youtubers seen in movies?

Unbelievable as it may seem, that’s what the news is telling us. Youtube gave them a platform to debut their little talent of on screen talking that pretty much changed into an art of acting. Youtube has been an active source of information, entertainment and learning for quite a while now. People from all around the world use it for their own purposes and there is a huge satisfaction that they receive from youtub-ing.

Talking more about youtube and movies, (which still seems unbelievable, by the way), let’s take a look into a list of youtube stars who got major success from their channels and took their skills on big screen.

Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen and Jenn McAllister

These are the two digital media stars who have gotten featured in their upcoming film, Bad Night. A premiere which release on Tuesday, 28th of June, is one of the movies which attracted a lot of younger audiences since, these young youtube stars already have a big fan following on their channels, most of whom are in their youth stages.

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox

This is a comedy duo who was seen in Smosh: The Movie back in 2015. The movie was a teen-comedy starred by these youtube stars who have approximately 30 million followers across multiple channels on Youtube. Netflix granted exclusive stream rights to this movie and debuted it two months after the actual release of the movie on itunes and Vimeo. A pre-viewed by imdb, Smosh is an embarrassing video of Anthony surfaces online right before his fifth high school reunion. The Smosh dudes then take a portal into YouTube and race to change the video and re-write history before it blows Anthony’s chances of reconnecting with his teen crush Anna.

Jessica Rose

Jessica played a role of a young girl in the American horror movie named, I know who killed me. She characterized herself as a missing someone who appeared and reappeared in the whole film claiming to be some other person.

Anna Akana

This youtuber had a very small role but in a famed movie, Ant man. Ana akana came into her role in the movie at the very end as being one of those people who helped the Luis guy tell THE story to ant man.

There are many other successful digital stars who have stepped up into playing bigger roles for their fans. However, the movies have not turned out to be a big hit. Reviews have been as bad as a discouraging myth. But it is a first good step to move towards Hollywood. If we wait for couple other years, things will largely improve.

Not to forget, Youtube is giving all of them an area to audition and advertise. Video and sound quality is increasing by the day so I say, why not? These little stars mentioned above could do it too, very unbelievably though.