Amazon is here to hit the market again with new Ice-Phone Series


Amazon is ready to lead the game again, snapping back in the market with the latest upcoming smartphone line “ice-phones” by the end of 2017. Yes, you read it right! Amazon has not yet decided to sit back after the miserable failure of fire-phone in 2014.

“The latest amazon smartphone line “ice-phones” ready to hit the market in the upcoming months of 2017, this time accessing to google services that lacked in the earlier phone although it contained other convincing specifications”

Since it’s named as the exact opposite of the last failure. When it comes to the specifications so that’s something opposite too. Here’s what the ice-phone series has got for you!

Now access to google services

Compared to the earlier release, the new amazon ice-phones will attract you with the existence of google services and apps. WOW! That’s a good comeback! This means amazon phones will not be regarded as undesirable anymore as now they provide you complete and easy access to Gmail, google play store and the like.

Get ready for a big screen

The so awaited amazon ice-phone series is heard to be featured with a display screen measuring 5.2”– 5.5” in size. Bigger than the earlier release.

Fingerprint Scanner

The new ice-phone series is going to set an incredible competition in the market as this one has got much more. Fingerprint scanner it is! No more struggle to move your fingers on a lazy Sunday. The upcoming ice-phone series has a new way of unlocking your phone with the help of the fingerprint scanner located at the back.

What new specifications does the Amazon Ice-Phone series has got for you?

Not in any way being less than the latest models of other brand names, this series is heard to have a 2GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, snapdragon 435 chipset,13MP camera and running the latest android 7.1.1 nougat.

Ice-phones with no Alexa support

However, it is heard that the phone lacks Alexa support but that’s not a big drawback to get your eyes over it! Since it is a prototype and can get the Alexa-integration at a later time.

Fits in your budget

What’s there not to love this new line of smartphones? Super compact with all latest specifications and expected market price of $95 to fit in the pocket of all. Fair enough!

The product has not yet hit the market so better you take all above specifications as the grain of salt but make sure not to miss on this one as soon as it smack the market.