What will you call a contact lens that captures what you see while you wear them? GO GO Gadget balls? Or something smarter than the rest? Sony has come up with patented smart blinking and capture lenses known as Sony’s smart lenses. Sony’s smart lenses are developing under the thoughts of 7 Japanese scientists and patented by a Tokyo company. The notion has been changed! Contact lenses are no more just for aesthetics or vision correction. Yes I mean it!

“Sony’s new patent of smart contact lenses is finally out. These lenses contain a contact lens unit and storage medium unit configured to be worn on eye balls and capture everything with a simple blink of your eye”. How incredible is that!

“A lens unit provided with an electroluminescence screen that helps users to view videos and images, while they are zoomed, autofocused and made burr-free all with the help of a built-in video recorder. It is also equipped with a gyroscope to detect the intentional and unintentional tilts to realign the videos for better orientation. No offense, the presence of accelerometer, infrared and piezoelectric sensors is not a lie”

Daring not to be suspicious about the detailed features? Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

Sony’s smart contact lens-blink of an eye feature

All you need to do is just blink your eye. That sounds weird but trust me, the so awaited Sony’s patent for smart contact lenses has sensors to detect blinks to activate and deactivate every different function. No worries, you can accidently blink your eye while wearing them. Yes! You read it right.

Sony’s smart contact lenses are featured with sensors to differentiate between a random blink and take-a-photo blink. Study shows that a normal human eye blink varies from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds only and thus the sensor detects blinks for above 0.5 seconds as take-a-photo blink. This is how it works.

No batteries to power them, are you serious?

No batteries No power? No! The incredible patent of Sony’s smart lenses has explained the transmission of power to these lenses by wireless means. This means radio waves, electromagnetic field resonance or electromagnetic induction. The patent claims the presence of piezoelectric sensors that detects the different movements of eyelids by converting temperature, pressure and force into electrical energy and this is how these new lenses will be charged.

Play back my pictures and videos

Well, as the patent explains this breath taking invention is expected to play back your captured images and videos by a predetermined movement of eyelids differentiated from random and other sort of blinks to activate other functions.

It’s not done yet. Sony’s smart contact lenses also detects every time the user shuts the eyelids while a video is being recorded and eliminate the resulting black screens later. What can be more convincing?

Well, augmented reality is a possible future. I must say that the best is yet to come. Since it’s still a patent now all we need to do is sit and watch the Japanese tech pioneers to put this astonishing design on a small eyeball lens to convert it in sheer reality.