Can TrackR Bravo omit the necessity of GPS?

the trackr bravo

How annoying it becomes when you are making a grab of things quickly since you are in a rush, you either forget your keys or wallet? Or when your office desk is a total mess, loaded with litter of papers, files and mails and underneath that mess lies your innocent phone begging to be picked. Tired after endless shopping for grocery and you are unable to find your car in a parking lot full of white sedans. Yes, GPS has in a way made life easier in finding cars and the location of your closed ones. But owning GPS means that you have to pay for its subscription every month, making it part of endless bills that are needed to be paid by the end of the month. Here then comes TrackR Bravo to make our lives a bit easier.


A small coin like shaped with in-built Bluetooth 4.0, giving a range of at least a 100 feet. The device is not completely round, it ends as a loop, which serves the purpose of attaching to stuff like keys, wallet, bags etc. TrackR Bravo also requires a smartphone for its complete functionality, it can be either Android or IOS. The TrackR app will ask for registration so that an account in your name can be built, and once done your device will now work in synchronization with the TrackR application.


TrackR Bravo comes with lots of cool attributes such as:

  • TrackR will let you know the distance between you and the lost item attached to TrackR Bravo through the TrackR app installed in your phone.
  • Let’s say, your keys are lost and to it the device is attached, you can simply ring your keys and voila!
  • TrackR can find your phone too, if you are not able to find your phone, this device will ring your phone and then too when it is on silent!
  • This device also comes with a cool feature, known as separation alert. If the settings are customized, separation alerts will immediately start ringing once you are leaving that place without that particular item.
  • Crowd locate network lets you know the last location of that particular item that is missing on the map in your phone.
  • It is cheap! Simply available for an amount of $29.99, when you make its purchase from the TrackR website.
    TrackR Bravo’s future does look bright, with the price not too heavy on pocket and the kind of qualities this device holds, it surely will get lots of buyers. Although, it is a good portable device, what makes it still an average gadget is the fact that it only covers a range of 100 feet, and that limits its use to places like house or maybe offices. Also the Bluetooth too can often seem not so dependable as well. So although, it is a handy tool but it still needs a room for improvement.