HTC 10 Review : The Best Smartphone in Years

HTC 10 Review : The Best Smartphone in Years

In this era of smartphones, it is really difficult for manufacturers to keep up with the pace with which the technology is evolving. Some years ago we had NOKIA literally everywhere either it is billboards, TV advertisement or event sponsors. But as time goes by others come to take the throne and the famous of the past are nowhere to be found. HTC is one of those companies which came with a bang with the android revolution and introduced some of the finest smartphones never seen before, be it the first smartphone with a 3D camera or music centered Boom Sound capable phones. But in the recent years, HTC has its own ups and downs with mostly the purple camera haunting the HTC M series (M&, M8, M9). This issue was not present on every phone out there but even a small percentage is enough to defame the goodwill of any big company.

But that time is over now as HTC is back with HTC 10 dropping the M from their series of the top of the line smartphones. HTC 10 comes out when we have the mighty Samsung and Apple war going on and LG using its own innovative techniques. The question is “Will HTC survive?”

Let’s find out.



HTC is back with a bang with a high end offering which is more than enough to make the techies inside us drool. It’s an all-metal unibody design which looks beautiful and may count as a fashion statement with the wide variety of colors. HTC 10 is a breeze to hold in hands thanks to its chamfered edges which are not just comfortable but look awesome. As you tilt the phone sideways, the chamfered edges change color like overcasting a shadow which looks really cool.

The front of the phone looks really beautiful and glassy (as it is covered by gorilla glass duh) and the main button looks really nice as it makes it look simpler.

On the back we have the camera module with a slight bump in the chassis not enough to make it uncomfortable or look ugly but just right.

One thing that really makes a high end smartphone really nice and high end is the side buttons. Believe it or not if the side buttons are uncomfortable or to loose you will hate the phone no matter what CPU and GPU it has and HTC 10 has perfectly placed side buttons which have a really nice clicky feel to them.



HTC 10 comes with a complete hardware and software package.
Let’s discuss them below:



HTC 10 sports a beautiful 5.2 inches Super LCD5 with quad HD (1440 x 1560) with corning gorilla glass. The display is crisp and clear but don’t expect vibrant colors as HTC has not yet adopted AMOLED but to each their own. Personally I prefer LCDs as they generate true colors.


HTC 10 comes with Android Marshmallow out of the box, version 6.0.1, to be precise. It runs HTCs latest sense UI which if you ask us is the best yet. Sense UI is bloatware free and is feels like stock android which is a good thing as stock android is the best optimized from Google itself until OEMs put their own skin and all of a sudden it starts to feel sluggish (yes touch wiz we are talking about you).

Under the hood:

So this is 2016 the year of the finest smartphones so don’t expect anything less.
HTC 10 comes with the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64 bit with clock speeds up to 2.2 GHz and 4GB of RAM WOW! The Adreno 530 GPU is more than enough for your favorite and latest apps and games to work smoothly. Storage capacity is hefty with an option between 32/64 GB variants both with a dedicated SD card slot.


Camera on the HTC 10 is pretty decent with a 12mp, f/1.8 module supporting laser autofocus and dual tone led flash and on the front a 5MP 1080p and HDR capable module. It is good but this is the one and the only thing in HTC 10 that doesn’t impress me that much. Don’t get me wrong it is a wonderful and functional camera with no purple filter issue like its predecessors but maybe now that smartphones like the Nexus 6p and the Galaxy S7 and edge variant have set high standards which the HTC 10 was not able to perform.


One thing that the HTC high end smartphones stand out with is the HTC Boom Sound with front facing studio speakers. But this time they have changed the things around a little bit, now it comes with a speaker at the bottom and another one with the ear piece, kind of a weird placement but it works as a tweeter and a woofer type of teaming. Now it’s not the same we expected from HTCs old smartphones but trust me on this it is also not the worst sounding speaker on the smartphones available today.


HTC 10 is a power hungry although optimized beast and it requires enough juice to go through the day which is thankfully fulfilled by the Non removable 3000 mAh battery. Charger port is the new USB type C which is being adopted by every manufacturer except Samsung (for now).

HTC 10_GroupShot_Gold Front


HTC phones have always been able to leave a mark for their beautiful all metal phones and HTC 10 is not an exception. It is powerful, handy, sturdy and looks good to the eye and it lasts the whole day serving us all of our tasks. It is a highly recommended phone but as we said before the Samsung S7 has set the standards so high that is tough to beat. HTC is just on the recovery road after some failures of the past. We at least expected to see the phone water and dust proof although it is splash proof but don’t expect it go on a swim with you.

Over all I think this phone deserves an 8 out of 10 rating.