What NOKIA is up to?

Nokia mobile phones

Nokia has been losing its’ high-reputation for the last couple of years. Ever since their Windows’ interface in mobile phones failed badly, they lost the chance to compete in the tech-industry. In brief, the androids and iPhone have been more flexible to the users and hence took their levels up to the roof-tops, and replaced Nokia’s market share.

Nokia had dominated in the world of mobile technology for decades. Yet, there’s always a downfall to a success. No wonder that its competitors had always been searching for chances to win over it ever since. Therefore, as the Nokia’s trend lost the users interest – various other companies i.e. Samsung, LG.. extend their levels and standardized their positions.

However, the battle isn’t over yet. Although Nokia has been failing in reviving back for the last couple of years, it yet seems as if they’re coming back to life with exceptional strategies.
Take a look at few of the latest news about Nokia’s revival;

Nokia is up to build China Mobile’s Cloud Network

A bad news for competitors of Nokia because it isn’t falling yet! Or even if it is, it still is planning tricks to revive again with healthy innovations. Nokia has lately signed an agreement of about 1.36 billion euro. The agreement is signed with the company termed as China Mobile in order to form a network of cloud. It is being said that the deal if made successful will benefit a lot in the tech world. The cloud network’s seamless connectivity will be quite efficient.

Nokia is in talks with Indian Telcos for 5G Network Trials

Nokia is sticking to its goal for deploying the services of 5G in India. If the aim gets targeted successfully then the speed of network would be up to 100 megabits per sec. Nokia is planning its talks continuously about how to set this new trial for the users. In India, Nokia is collaborating with the TSDS (Telecommunications Standards Development Society) in order to deliver 5G a commencement. However, the Indian Telcos are yet scoping to spend their budgets upon the 4G-technology. It is because that plenty of areas in India have yet not discovered the high speed data and voice services of 4G.

Nokia while stating their statements regarding 5G has passed a note that for now, the 5G will only be focusing upon the data services. Furthermore, the voice-calls and related facilities will be provided through the trend of 4G.

Nokia is in returning to Mobile Phones

Keeping faith in their credibility to revive back in the tech-industry, Nokia has recently signed a 10 year contract with HMD Goal in order to commence the formation of their branded phones. Nokia held a long-lasting essence in the world of mobile phones – since 1998 to 2011. Yet, the brand lost its high reputation as the South Korean rival Samsung overtake it by creating some phenomenal smartphones – composing all the right features, fitting to users’ needs. However, Nokia felt as if their innovation related to Windows’ interface would conquest over the android technology but it did not. Learning from the mistakes, they’re yet back again to compete with their rivals and this time the portfolio of their product is basing upon the Android.