Snowfox trackerphone: A mobile alternative for parents to give kids

Snowfox trackerphone: A mobile alternative for parents to give kids

With kids being too naïve on being aware of whether what’s right or wrong for them, it’s quite pertinent or to be more accurate it’s more of a duty of parents to have a complete know-how on what their kids are up to and who are they friends with? Yet with the hap-hazard going on, most probably in every Individuals life, parents don’t understand this fact and leave their kids on their own in such cruel dimension. Hence on examining this particular situation, the tech experts have finally introduced a “Snowfox trackerphone” which parents without being hesitant for a second can provide their children in order to know every single updates of their lives.

Since keeping a smartphone for a kid is definitely a “NO” it absolutely for all the right reasons gets a bit tough for the guardians to know about the whereabouts of their kids, they have sort out every bit of this scenario and have put forward an alternate of the smartphones for the kids to own.

Down below I’ll be discussing the positive aftermaths of letting your kids keep the “SNOWFOX TRACKERPHONE” and few of its features.


a) Portable tracker: the device is absolutely a portable one, i.e. you can take it anywhere you want to and can keep it whether whatever place you like. Since the device has specifically been made for the kids it has a GPS that would give their parents complete awareness on their kids’ whereabouts, even when they are at the office.

b) Voice call functionality: the device has a voice call function, with which if parents are away from the kids, they might call to know when would they be arriving or regardless of any reason they are free to call eachother with this trackerphone.

c) A week battery life: the battery can go on for an entire week only with a single charger, yet the battery life definitely depends on how the gadget has been used. hence if it is used considering it to be as tech device the battery might not get dead for a whole week.

Pros of the gadget

The pros of it can be limitless, from aiding in having a track of child to further strengthen the family relations in one way or the other, the device like i said can provide tons of pros. yet when it comes to the cost with which it is being sold is absolutely not that big of a deal in comparison with benefits it provides to the users.

Hence to be perfectly benefitted with the tracker phone, do opt for this one. Hopefully the information will prove out to be enough credible to you guys.