What is the only application that Mr. Trump uses on his iPhone?


Mr. Trump is a media man, his reliance on social networking enables many confidential and media prohibited news to be leaked through a social network and that is none other than Twitter. So yes, you have guessed it right, Twitter is the only app available on his iPhone. Of course there are apps like maps, weather updates, music player and the other basics. But his social networking has been limited to a greater extent due to his controversial tweets all the time.

According to the report by Axios, the staff of Mr. Trump keeps him busy with the work so that he doesn’t get time for leisure activities like watching TV or using his iPhone as a matter of fact. The funny thing is, that the President has started using iPhone instead of his favorite Samsung smartphone. Mr. Trump at one time boycotted the use of iPhone and insisted on using his android phone only. But due to security reasons and the possibility of getting the phone hacked easily because of unencrypted data, the Secret Service made sure that the President starts using a more secure phone i.e. the iPhone. Mr. Trump has now no choice but to use this phone, even though how heavily he criticized this phone due to the lack of help by the iPhone officials in hacking the iPhone 5c of one of the terrorists of San Bernardino’s shootings due to confidentiality rules and regulations. Even after being made President last year, Mr. Trump made sure to use Samsung until when the criticism from the former Presidents and few senior politicians started to take a toll on him, he had no choice but to change the cellular phone and that too happened in March.

Mr. Trump is not the only President to have denied the use of a fancy phone, Barack Obama also declined in first the use of a new phone but due to security measures, he was compelled to use an expensive Blackberry when he joined the Oval office.