New Overwatch competitive mode features, gameplay revealed

New Overwatch competitive mode features, game play revealed; game surpasses league of legends

Being a fourth main franchise of the Blizzard Overwatch is actually a first-person shooter video game which was for the first time released in May 2016, specifically for Microsoft, Xbox and also for PlayStation 4 yet with company now being all set for introducing totally new addition of Overwatch, probably at the end of June in the new wrappings and along with the competitive modes and features, all the fans out there must be going head over heels on knowing the fact that the title has actually eradicated the ‘league of legends” from its throne.

Another thing that must be noted here is the fact that in accordance with the IGN the game supposedly, will be having an absolute new competitive mode, though the date of its release hasn’t been updated as yet, yet it has been said that it will be released sooner this month hopefully!

The game has been promoted as being free of tiers and having full credibility of being a competitive one by the director, as accordingly to what he stated “the game will absolutely be free of tier-based progressions systems, and will affect the match-making rate of a player accordingly to his skills ratings.” And just for this reason the Overwatch players will be having a plus point of checking their own and the others skill ratings which will absolutely make us play better and better, and also it will help in polishing up our playing skills.

The not so good factor that might somehow prove as being a downside of this new Overwatch competitive mode is its continuous fall of ratings of players, which is for all the right reason is just a step to attract the fans out there.

In a recent news, the popularity of this game has gain itself some serious and positive result which is definitely the result of huge appreciation from the fans of this particular amazing yet incredible game, which is much, much huge as Dethroning riot games “league of legends.”

From the statements of “Korea –times” the Overwatch has reached and managed itself to get on the top ranks of all the other pc games, as for a fact it attained the percentage 29.36 and defeated “league of legends” with just 29.17%, yet since the difference isn’t that much of wider but still the throne has been overtaken by Overwatch, which is quite a big achievement for its makers and also for its fans.

It is also quite a fact that before the release of Overwatch the league of legends enjoyed a market share of approximately 40 percent, nevertheless the title went down to 30 percent right after it was released on the first day of June.

May all the information prove out to be enough for all the fans out there!

Stay blessed!