NINTENDO SWITCH REVIEW : Specs, Buying Advice, Tips & More

nintendo switch

2014 was an unsuccessful year for the Nintendo, WII U didn’t receive much appreciation from the public and Nintendo had to suffer much losses in that year. In the era of mobile gaming, where you can easily play games anywhere you want to, Nintendo knew exactly what to bring in next. Known as to be NX, during the development phase. Nintendo switch was released worldwide on 3rd of March, 2017. It is the seventh video game console that is brought forward by Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch has two modes of using it, making it a hybrid console; it can be used as a conventional video game console at home in which buyers can enjoy an HD gaming experience or you can easily disconnect it from the TV and use it as handheld mode thus enabling the users to play games anywhere they want to.


Nintendo Switch is available in two colors, grey or neon red and blue. It consists of following parts:

1. Console

It is simply an LCD screen, resembling more of a tablet. It is a multi-touch screen, with a USB-C port for charging the console without dock. It has two slots, one for microSD card and the other one for game card. When using as a handheld mode, you can slide in the Joy-Con controllers with the help of rails given on the sides of the console and play games while moving. Most amazing thing about Nintendo Switch console is that it can support up to eight Joy-Con controllers, in that way you can start your own group of multiplayer game sessions at home.

2. Dock

During TV mode, console is placed inside the dock (docking station), and connected to TV via HDMI cable. The electrical connectors enable the dock to charge the battery of console. The dock also has three USB ports, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports.

3. Joy-Con L and R

The extra ordinary feature related to Nintendo Switch is the Joy-Con itself. It can either be used as a single controller so that you can use the controller in its traditional form with the help of Joy-Con grip given or you can detach it into two controllers so that it can be accessible to two players. Infrared sensor enables detecting any movement and pinpointing the objects around. A controller without vibration or tactile sensation is incomplete and for that comes the role of HD rumble. Straps given with the controllers come in handy especially when a single controller is detached into two for handling purposes. Joy-Con controller has an estimated battery life of about 20 hours. It can be charged by either connecting it to console or by attaching the Joy-Con grip to the power supply.
It also comes with following accessories:

4. Joy-Con wrists straps

5. Joy-Con grip

6. HDMI cable

7. AC adapter



• It uses Nividia Tegra X1 (system on chip) as a CPU developed by Nividia.
• The console has an internal storage of about 32 GB, it can be further extended with the help of microSDHC or microSDXC cards.
• Parental controls will help enabling parents to restrict access to games they don’t want their children to play and also manage what their children can or cannot buy from Nintendo eshop. A mobile app by the name of Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is supported by Nintendo Switch for this very reason.
• Games can either be purchased through retail means or digitally via Nintendo eshop. Region blocking is no more a problem, so now you can buy game card or download games from anywhere around the world.
• You can buy amiibo, based on your favorite video game (Nintendo) character for example Mario. You can connect the particular amiibo to the console by tapping it to the Joy-Con R stick. With the help of amiibo you can unlock new adventures, get bonuses and power ups.
• Not all games can be played in TV mode since they can be played only via touch screen controls.
• The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is the top game of 2017 which was released for both Nintendo Switch and WII U. But this game has been more popular on the new console.


It is being considered the fastest selling video game console, shipping over 2.74 million units in the first month of its launch. Nintendo Switch’s marketing price is around 299$ MSRP.