Super Popular Mario launches on Android

Super Popular Mario launches on Android

The basics..

Dated 23rd March, Mario was released on Android after its safe and successful run on iOS. Android, all over the world is more popular than iOS which is why it is a little hard to believe why it was first introduced for apple users. Developed and published by Nintendo, the very popular Mario run was already announced to be released sometime in March. Just last week, a twitter post gave us a date of 23rd March as a release date. Finally, Mario launches on Android.

What’s different here in the game from Nintendo’s version is the character’s automated run. You don’t have to use your controls in order to make Mario run. However, both, iOS and Android’s versions of the game are the same. They have released a 2.0 version, though, improving game’s ease.

For many years, Nintendo did not want to give away its special products to the mobile world. They were having a rock on business over Nintendo series, hence, they feared to lose what they already had. Probably, they had fore seen their success already and in 2016, finally released the iOS version of Mario Run. This game has earned several million dollars to the giant company within a short span of time.

Mario launches on Android for free trial

You can definitely have a free trial of the game, which means, crossing the three beginner levels. A fee of $10 has to be paid then in order to buy the game and fully access it. It was the same for iOS which launched in 2016.

What they experienced with their iOS version of the game, only five percent out of the total of 78 million downloads converted their trial into a fully purchased game. This was half of what they hoped for. Considering the fact that there are more Android users than the iOS ones, the hopes and expectations might get met, now that Mario launches on Android.

Link to download

Here is a link to download this game on android right away!
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