Virtual Reality Horror – Top 5 games!

Virtual Reality Horror – Top 5 games!

The current century is being measured with all the crazy stuffs. The technology has hence reached to the point, of which we would never had imagined even the couple of yours back from now. The VR Horror! This phenomenon enables you to get into the video and to explore the interface of the game while being inside the screen. Sounds nonsense right?! It seemed to me the same way too, HA!

But as a matter of fact, this is what is happening lately. The current technological industry is looking forward to program the games that set up a trend of virtual reality.

All you require is a headphone being worn by you around your head, and the glasses which lead you towards the Virtual Reality. In this phenomenon, your conscious is placed inside the game and you battle against – while being within the game interface.

Check out the top 5 interesting virtual reality horror’ games;

Sister – Virtual Reality Horror

The outlook of the game is a challenge of itself! – The game doesn’t contain any game play. The couple of elements are set in the game that generate the feel of fear and frightens the heck out of you! It’s designed for the Mobile VR.

VR Horror – House

Sit back on your chair so that you’re in ease at least by physically. Because mentally? You won’t be! The VR Horror – House will darken the house where you’d be killing the cannibals and running for the only exit. The game is terrifying, yet makes your heart stronger because that is how a tough experience, it puts you through.

Silent Home

A house that keeps the sentiments of both love and revenge! You have been warned to not get an exposure of this, yet instead of taking the warning as an advice – you took it as challenge and now you’re up to explore the haunted freakish house. The house is darkened and you’re only blessed with a single torch to witness out the glimpses of it.

Hide & Seek

The game holds a scene of two beautiful women who tries to survive against a murderer. The game consist the awkward movements that freak the heck out of you. You’re in a dreaming process, where you can’t attempt anything but watch about what’s coming to you and the ladies!


The game was the first ever made of its own kind! It offers a 360-degree nightmare, where you do the movements by yourself. You, yourself make the game interesting and bored as you’re not only a spectator but also the player. While you’re doing the game though, don’t forget to keep the headphones around ears in order to experience the audio and sound.

Hence, as this trend of technology arrives into your residences – don’t forget to explore the mentioned games. They’re highly being recommended to you, if you’re scoping to bring-in the real fun and experience.

Hope the article ended up as being informative for you!

Stay blessed.