Are there any factual differences between humans & machines?

artificial intelligence

While I was having a discussion with a friend, regarding the technological aspects – there came a moment where my thoughts got seized for a while. And I stuck at a point where I initiated to search the answer for the question – he asked, “Do you know about the differences between humans & machines?” At first, the question seemed quite basic and I knew that I’d be answering to this pretty soon. Yet, of all the differences that I commenced to declare – They were yet, unconvincing. My reasoning, instead of ending up as differences was more like similarities between the humans & machines.

When I notified him about a fact that humans can sense and the machines may not? – After a couple of sec later, I myself disagreed to the arguments that I was putting forward.

Hence, later I was convinced to agree on the point that the running question isn’t as simple. Therefore, after a bit of research – this is what I have come up with;

The machines don’t compose the emotions

You can hit a machine twenty times a sec, yet it won’t feel or argue about it. A pretty basic fact this one seems as, yet don’t forget that the current AI robots do respond. Hence, most believe that since they can respond so in the nearer future – they might be holding their acts against us. There can be a certainty to this in some aspects, yet if you go a bit into the depth and judge the whole criteria – you’d understand that they won’t. Remember – the bots are composed of programming in their interface and not a soul in the structure. Hence, you can’t expect them to turn in something as ghost in the upcoming future – no matter of how the technology gets advanced.

They’re accurate – Perhaps humans aren’t

One of the major differences that a-part humans from machines, are that humans aren’t so accurate in the 21st century. They aren’t so flexible, neither that they ever were. Or perhaps they were, but not anymore. The machines are designed to produce flexibility and ease for their users. The sole purpose of their existence is to only promote the ease for the users and don’t display the bugs, while they’re running.

Machines don’t regret

A human can be as evil as it can, yet it reaches to a point where it regrets. It experiences a moment where it desires a pause and restart for itself. However, the machines don’t – and mourn not about the bugs they might have displayed while running themselves.

Humans can do anything original/creative – Machines can’t!

The machines attempt the tasks and methods with a phenomenon of “Do as directed”. They can’t come up with anything original or creative. However, the humans can – this is one of the charms that naturally designed things hold and can’t be experienced in even the AI robots lately. Yet, there are some creations of bots happening recently that do sense and respond in accordingly with the atmosphere and perhaps we might explore the bots generation in the nearer-future, that’d be as creative as humans are.


– The jotted facts are mentioned in the light of the teachings of Sir. Muhammad Ali – who is a technology’ specialist and holds a high amount of factual information related to science & technology.