Badminton Playing Robot – The Chinese Invention

badminton playing robot

The science has almost gone beyond the mediocre limitations, with increments. The AI has taken over and now you witness some exceptional inventions, happening in all over the world. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not being any lesser than any blessings lately. Its inventions are taking over, in all the positive aspects. In this article we’d be exploring one of the latest creations of technology that has recently been in China.

The Chinese students have invented this machine, or in fact an incredible robot that keeps the empowerment to play badminton just like a pro. It keeps all the sensors that would sense the shuttlecock flying towards it and hence it would hit it back. The robot is capable to act just as a human player, when playing the badminton game.
Let’s explore to few of the most interesting features that it holds.

Take a look:

The Robot could play just as well as a good human player would

The robot is capable to play just as good as an impressive badminton player can. You fly over your shuttlecock to him, and he’d be hitting you back with some inspiring skillful shot. This is world’s first ever made robot, that contains such perfect accuracy rate and leaves the humans go amazed! I guess, about all the things that these people have been saying about Artificial Intelligence dominating over the humans, for all these years? Seem a bit truthful to some extent now. Witnessing the robots, being capable to win over you while playing a badminton match is something quite surprising!

The Robot can sense your good moves to and act accordingly

Hit him with your shot, while the match and he’d be sensing your moves in some outstanding ways. Its interface is designed with no bugged coding, but with perfection in all aspects. It catches your movement through its sensors and flies back to you the shuttlecock, just like a professional hit!

The world’s only exceptional badminton robot

It is one of the world’s most surprising inventions of technology in 2016. It is the only robot of this kind, containing stunning movements in its sensors and interface. It moves fast, and is able to shatter your game down at any moment. If you’re scoping for a big match in the upcoming days, and looking forward to practice hard in order to learn. Then, the badminton-robot can pretty much help you in teaching you some unlearned lessons! Underestimating its credibility won’t cause you nothings but a pretty bad defeat because that is how good this badminton-player is!

The accuracy rate is just as amazing

As mention under the first title, the accuracy rate of the robot is just as amazing! It sends back the shuttlecock just where the chances are for you to lose the game.



The technological glimpses of the world have been under the spotlight for the past couple of decades and we have been experiencing some few of the most exceptional machines, that are efficient and holds the capabilities to provide human – the ease! Yet we weren’t expecting anything as this even in our wildest dreams!