Stirlingshire village smart Fintry

Fintry, a small village, part of Strilingshire (Scotland), is underway to second phase of the Smart Village Concept. Smart Village Concept is a plan designed to introduce renewable energy generated from solar, wind resources to villages especially the ones which are off-grid. Off grid villages are very common in Asia, they comprise to about 55% of the population thus living without electricity and managing life self-sufficiently. But in this century, living without electricity seems harsh with demands reaching the edge. Thus, this Smart Village Concept has been adapted in such off grid villages to modernize their communities, since with the electrification of the villages, it will lead to growth of economy, education, employment and help in dropping the poverty rate and will be a source of better lifestyle.

Fintry’s population, according to 2011 Census is around 717, when this project (SMART Fintry project) was newly introduced, the Fintry residents took up the challenge and immediately 80 people signed up for it, now with the successful completion of its first year, the second phase has attracted even more locals. With that, local residents will now buy electricity directly from renewable energy generators This project will help in making Fintry (Stirlinshire) a Smart Village, it will aim on reducing electricity bills and also the energy attained from fossil fuels can be later on less relied upon because it leads to Carbon dioxide emission (Greenhouse Gas emissions). In that way, the load on the nationally operated grid will be less since then the renewable energy will be made from sources like two wind turbines and an Anaerobic Digestion plant. New smart meters have also been installed, in that way the people will be able to monitor the daily electricity usage.

SMART Fintry project has been funded by the Scottish Government through Local energy Challenge Fund, also a chamber of partners are associated with it as well: including Fintry Development Trust (FTD), Veitch Cooper, Energy Assets, Heriot-Watt University and of course the renewable energy supplier Good Energy. The SMART Fintry project is a good prospect for the locals and by the time it fully becomes active by the year 2018 and manages remain self-sufficient for people and fulfils the desired aims, it surely will expand across the UK in future, just like it has in other Europeans countries like Germany and Denmark.