Artificially intelligent robots will replace humans

Artificially intelligent robot

The debate’s going on upon various platforms, saying that robots are going to soon replace the humans. Sounds funny right? Whilst we keep on unbelieving it, and labeling it as some crazy nonsense, they’re yet some experts who’re actually believing in this statement. They’re highlighting it as a possibility that can take place in the nearer future, if the technology keeps on to get promoted this way more and more. Lately, it was experienced that a robot was constructed by some Chinese dudes, which played badminton and response accurately.

There are various other examples of Artificial Intelligence Robots that are found with some excellent sensing ability. Their consciousness seems to appear quite alive as we explore their outlook and their interface. Whilst considering all of these facts, there’s an unbelievable fact that is being generated time-to-time. And that’s that “Artificial Intelligence Robots might take over the humans”. Let’s take a look of the reasoning that supports it.

Singularity is Near? – The Book!

A very authentic book, containing all the authentic information regarding the AI is jotted in this book, “Singularity is Near?”. We can’t go more into the details about how the author had exposed some crazy, yet possible facts in it. Yet, we’d briefly discuss his points under this title. Back in the decades, the author had written in the book that there’d be a period of time when the computers would possess the knowledge, that’d be far better than the power of humans. To this point of his, most individuals and experts had opposed! But later, we experienced his thoughts to end up in being his favor. However, the book is not just depending at this mindset of his, but also that the AI will take over the humans in many aspects.

The infinite abilities – More than the humans

As we can experience about how speedily the AI is taking over the world, recently. The robots are having the capability to speak out, to expose their senses and their reactions. With how gushingly it’s all stepping ahead, it convinces the experts to believe in the fact that the time is near when the robots’ would be able to expose more than this. They’d be better than humans, in calculating, more accurate than them and faster. Hence, the humans will rather believe on bots than to rely upon their own abilities. The infinite abilities of robots would make the humans to make them lose their faiths from themselves.

Less Employments – More Robots!

The AI car is being made, that contains exceptional accuracy and phenomenal speeds while running upon the most typical routes. The cars are being formed, that’d run itself by itself. This would make more of the humans to go unemployed because there’d be no need of them, anymore.

Human’s relying on Bots already!

We’re already relying upon the technology so much that we’re losing the concepts of thinking. We can’t think anymore, and even for the simplest calculations we look forward for a calculator. Ever seen a high-school graduate, giving its exams while performing Maths at its fingers? Nah! I don’t think so.
This phenomenon of depending upon the technological glimpses about each and everything is going to cause destruction in the human minds. And they’d be facing a lot more than just simple problematic outcomes.


When the titled statement is jotted, it not only refers to the fact that AI is going to eat up the humans in order to take over them. But it places us to the positions and criteria at where we’d be relying upon Artificial Intelligence and technology, even while being exposed to the simplest things. In this way – the humans might lose the confidence to work with things out by themselves. They’d be more like slaves than to be a free-bird. The purpose of human’s advent might be lost, and they’d act nothing lesser than the mindless zombies.