Attention Webmasters! Google To Issue Notifications For Sites Having Annoying Ads

As Google plans to present a built-in ad blocker to its browser i.e. Google Chrome, the organization says it will soon be informing distributers with “irritating advertisements” that will wind up getting blocked.

Google has officially revealed a tool for helping distributers recognize irritating advertisements on their sites. Presently, the organization is going above and beyond by contacting distributers specifically.

As the organization says, it surveys websites consistently and even records recordings of the awful advertisement encounters found.

“If a site is in a “failing” or “warning” state, their Ad Experience Report will include these visuals, along with information about the Better Ad Standards and how the issues may impact their site.”

Google’s plan isn’t to disgrace distributers into changing their advertising strategies, it’s to help small websites who might not have an indistinguishable quality control resources as compared to large networks or sites.

“Most issues originate from smaller websites with less resources,” Google says.

The organization’s recommendation is not to eradicate all advertisements. Or maybe, Google suggests supplanting irritating advertisements with those that are viewed as more satisfactory. For an entire rundown of unsuitable advertisement, and recommended substitutions, see this guide from the Coalition for Better Ad management.

Google hasn’t particularly expressed how it will be informing distributers about their irritating advertisements, however I would hope to see the notices in Google Search Console inside the following couple of weeks.