Facebook is launching Personal Fundraiser tools

personal fundraising Facebook tool

These tools will aid the users in raising money which, however, is for limited time period

Facebook is all set to introduce a GoFundMe tool in order to expand its variety of online fundraising operations. The personal fundraiser will enable the users to raise money for their desired cause quite practically. Be it for yourself, charity, or a friend, Facebook will help you through.

This is how personal fundraising Facebook tool works:

This tool will allow Facebook users to raise funds for critical situations and personal emergencies like funerals, crisis situations, medical expenses, and education costs. Moreover, Facebook Pages can now add up a “donate” button to their live broadcasts in order to achieve their potential aids.

Facebook Personal Fundraising Restrictions:

For the time being, this tool will be launched only in the United States and will be enabled for users above 18. Personal fundraiser tool has been divided into six categories:

  1. Education (which can cover tuition, book, classroom supplies, and uniform costs)
  2. Medical (For surgery, operation, and treatments)
  3. Pet medical (to cover expenses for veterinary procedures and treatment)
  4. Crisis relief (such as public crisis, and natural disaster)
  5. Personal emergency (car accident, house fire, or loss of property due to some tragedy)
  6. Funeral cost


Facebook will analyze the results and usage of this beta version and check users experience before introducing Personal Fundraising tools in other parts of the world.

We wish Facebook all the very best for this noble online campaign.