Facebook is making some MAJOR changes to YOUR WhatsApp data

Facebook is making some MAJOR changes to YOUR WhatsApp data

Facebook has been holding WhatsApp for the last couple of years from now. Henceforth, they uphold the authority to produce changes in it. The bottom line is that there are going to appear some changes in WhatsApp in the next upcoming days. We can’t claim it as soon as now that the changes would attract the users interests, yet they’re necessary to be done – said the CEO, Mark Zukerberg. In sometime, you’d be experiencing a wide change in the whole interface of the widely spread communication app. However, the changes are to be done gradually and not at once.

Linkage between Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp

A recent update that we have got is about how you’d be able to share your WhatsApp info on Facebook platforms. It’s unclear about what kind of info you’d be enabled to share, yet this is understood that the contacts on your WhatsApp would be easily in linked with the FB Messenger. However, the interface hasn’t be displayed explicitly yet, about how the features would be working. Also, a new end-to-end encryption security process will be set in its interface. This will produce the better set of figures for the security of your conversations.

The goal is to set WhatsApp for organization perspectives

The goal is to set WhatsApp on a higher level perspectives. The goal is to avoid the scams and the pop-ups appearing while you download it. Facebook is scoping for WhatsApp to turn out to be useful for both professional and casual users. Some add-ons are to be made that would enable WhatsApp to work for the high level purposes like an airline telling its customers about the cancellation of the flight. They’re aiming to replace the 69p charge by making the users to get connected with the companies directly via app.

The perfect secured app

Jan Koum and Brian Acton – the two WhatsApp founders are popular for their mindset regarding anti-advertisements. They conclude about how they’re setting WhatsApp to a level that’s totally secured. They do not scope to earn through the pop-ups emerging during the download of the app and while the users are using it. Hence, you as a user would never experience pop-ups regarding various advertisements displaying at your front-screen now and also in the nearer future when operating WhatsApp. Furthermore, the founders continued their speech – saying that their aim is to standardized the app by making it the most flexible electronic communicating medium for the users where their data is secured. Also, that their team possesses no interest in even having a single picture of their users.

Additionally, it was said about how the developers after designing an app and sticking advertising elements in it synchronizes their users’ data. The companies and designers that sell adds, a very significant portion of their engineering team spends a large amount of time in tuning data mining and performing the further steps that take a whole lot of hard work for just collecting their users’ data and information. However, the developers of WhatsApp don’t do that. They are more likely to spend their time in fixing the striking bugs, adding more innovative features to the app’s interface and performing the similar activities.