Get Connected to Your Remote Workforce

Virtual SIM

If you are up to include virtual teams, remote workers or employees who telecommute for the expansion of your business, there are skilled people around the globe to build your company. But to manage in-house employees as well as your virtual teams can be a challenge to create an environment that bridges the physical distance between you and those working. This inclusion can be hard to foster, managing someone who works a few desks away requires a completely different set of skills to manage than someone who is distant working.

Use Technology to your advantage

Telecommunications technology are essential tools for any business and can give you and your business tremendous advantages. Even now the most defiant, old‐school businessmen can be seen glued to their smartphones. It’s not all about having the tools but to operate them in a useful way. If you are having a virtual team you should get in touch with them because communication is the key to get connected and to excel together. Hold your team accountable to themselves and to each other, and find ways to incentivize collaboration and communication across offices.

Stay up-to-date

When you have mates working on the different parts of the globe, you get used to waking up or coming back from breaks to inbox loaded with emails, messages, media, team chats, documents and other files. Finding ways to keep on top of what’s going on is imperative for communicating efficiently with each other.

Reach out regularly

To keep your remote workers engaged it is important to reach out and get them involved. In such scenario technology plays a vital role, you can use the features like video calling, text messaging and other social apps to reach out.

Let fun and solicitousness overcome the distance

To make far-flung souls feel valued remote workers in your company, hold regular team conference calls that include briefings, brain teasers everyone can work on at once. Make sure to give them some time and company to strengthen their sense of belonging.

Inclusive Behaviour

It is easy to talk to people moving around you but model good behavior and communication with your distant workers by making sure that you value each and every person that represents your brand is way more important. It is all about you, the way you treat your employees by checking in with your remote team members frequently, prompting collaboration and finding ways to include them even if it takes an extra step or a few dollars once you prioritize such inclusiveness you’ll set the tone for the months and years to come.

Engagements needs

Better engagement means better productivity, it can be the boon of your company’s cause marketing. Employee engagement is advantageous for both parties and should be treated as a two-way street. Find creative ways for your remote employees to become involved as a representative of your company. It is incumbent on companies with remote workers to find ways for remote staff to make connections with their team on smartphones to conduct much of their business, so meet them where they are by using employer apps. Host or attend annual events that bring the team together. Recognize milestones  send birthday, greeting cards and goodie bags so remote staff can participate in office celebrations.

Use all the tools at your disposal

Keep your remote team of a dozen people feeling integrated in various ways, including conference calls to discuss the work projects, weekly video team calls where each person gives a one- or two-minute achievements update, other than work the sharing of interesting books or articles in order to benefit the enterprise.

Weekly reports\meeting system

A virtual job is still a job. Connect weekly via internet and require and fix a suitable time that every worker has to submit the report by spending 15 minutes creating a report that says what they accomplished and what they’ll do next week. This keeps everyone on the same page whether they are remotes or working in-house.


Appreciation is one of the top motivators for employees to work harder and to be more committed to their companies, appreciation is directly linked to happiness in the workplace. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued. Satisfaction and productivity increases by knowing that your work is being valued. It is important for you to appreciate the work of your remote teams as they try to meet your expectations from a distant place. When you show your appreciation to them, their respect for you will grow and so will your influence as a leader.

Face-to-face Communication

Video calling is way more beneficial than the audio one. In business being able to ensure you have the attention of your team, or being able to gauge the mood of a employee, is key to decision-making and negotiation processes. Video calling is an easy way to keep meetings face-to-face, even at a distance and essentially puts everyone in the same room at the same time with the accountability of having to be present and aware of everything being said.

Emojis and GIFs

It’s hard for words alone to convey how you feel about something. In work words can come across more aggressive or not as impactful as you may want to convey. Using emoticons may look childish or unprofessional but somehow it shatter the way in which you may perceived serious or rude and represent the side of gregarious you.

Engagement towards company’s future

Remotes needs to understand the skills they need to develop for the better future of their company. Providing workers with a way to easily follow the changing skill and needs of the company gives the sense of control and connectedness. Define common metrics of success to your workers in a easy and simple way so they can relate to it as confusion leads to misalignment and destroy the productivity. Well defined metrics enable us to measure our progress toward meeting our goals.

Social Media\Apps

Social networking sites, can be creative venues for your remote teams to provide visible, collaborative feedback and recognition no matter where your employees work. Social media enables all team members, regardless of location, to see, share and comment together. If your company has active social channels, leverage these to recognize virtual employees or remote offices. There are so many apps with amazing features so they can people in touch no matter where they are.

Keep your teams connected to cloud

This feature has the major impact in the management of remote workers, it allows the remotes to get in touch with in-house employees and up to date. It gives access to the information of latest happenings and events. It enables the employees to brainstorm and work on a project in real time and facilitates from selecting benefits to viewing pay history to requesting vacation through self-service portals.

Virtual SIM

Virtual SIM service operates under the same principle as the cloud data storage (such as Google Drive or iCloud). Once you uploaded your files to the cloud you can work with them from anywhere. In case of Virtual SIM, your mobile SIM-card data is placed into cloud. Before you go abroad you simply need to connect SIM card of your homeland mobile operator to the internet using USB-modem (see the list of supported modem models below), activate Virtual SIM service in Freeje application and you’re all set. Now you can make and receive calls as if this SIM card is in your smartphone.