Google Fiber is buying high-speed internet provider Webpass


Being tremendously amazing in providing network services to it customers, Google Fiber has finally made an announcement of buying high-speed internet provider webpasses to further polish their services to the people out there adoring every single bit of their services. They have announced to be acquiring Webpass sometime soon. The owned alphabet Google Fibre is actually in five cities of the U.S, yet the plans are to expand their buisness in most probably more than 20 cities in the near future. On the contrary you may be able to find Webpass in Oakland, Berkley, San Diego, Emeryville and in San Francisco. Other than the Webpass also has some strong influence on the people of Miami, Chicago, Boston and etc.

The Google Fiber has also made an announcement that they’d be delivering broadband internet wirelessly. The reason for their joining hands together as a single team is quite simple and realistic, i.e. to increase the services and provide internet to the people as much as they possibly can, and since its quite a known fact that they both were doing an amazing job on their own, and were providing their services in an incredible manner, yet still just because they felt the need of expanding their businesses Google Fiber decided to buy Webpass, which for all the fans out there is absolutely quite a big deal.

Webpass on its own have hundreds of thousands of customers, and came into existence back in 2003. The company is purely San Francisco based.

When it comes to the obstacles mostly faced by Google Fiber in expanding up the services all across the cities is of getting into the larger and gigantic buildings, yet on the flip side Webpass has mostly focused on bigger apartments. Which for all the right reasons might prove out to be quite beneficial for both of their customers. Another positive fact of being inspired by the webpass is that it has joined fiber network with the wireless tech, which Google Fiber has longed been scoping to do so.

Both Webpass and Google Fiber are extremely excited to be joining hands together, Webpass president Charles barr added in his blog post about this news in the words that I’m just ought to share with you guys down below,
“Great news! We look forward to welcoming @Webpass to the Google Fiber team once the deal has closed.”

That being said, the president of the Webpass seem to be quite excited and happy for their getting along nicely with the Google Fiber as he has shared his feelings too in quite a long paragraph with its fans which i’m definitely not going to be sharing with you guys for all the obvious reasons. yet on summing up his words, it can be stated that the only reason for this new development is for the fact of providing better services to the customers and its fans.