Google Opens Faster Big Data Pipe Between US and Japan

Google Opens Faster Big Data Pipe Between US and Japan

Google has just divulged the fact about the investment they’ve made earlier in the cabling done in the long distance undersea fiber optics. According to them it might prove out to be the fastest cabling system, in comparison to all the other ever done in the history of cabling system. Since it has quite a high capacity, it provides 60-Tbps ( terabit per sec) frequency within the Japan and US. In addition to that as it quite is notifiable to Google, it can be stated that it is 10 million times faster than any other cable system ever been made.

Google being one of the members of the Faster consortium, it definitely is accessible to the pair of 100 GB/s x 100 wavelength optical as being a transmission strand, it runs in between Oregon and mainland Japan. The total investment for the system is worth US $300 million.

The faster system would be utilized in supporting Google users, that might be including Google Apps and also all of the cloud platform customers. In accordance to Alan Chin-Lun Cheung, with this, Google might also have access up to 10 Tbs of the total capacity of the cable. On using the bandwidth, it’d be supporting it just been announced new Google cloud platform residing in east region in Tokyo, which absolutely is to be launched later this year.

Wiring in the ocean: with the efforts that began in 2008, to this date, of Google, faster is one of the efforts of it just to increase the developments in the field of global infrastructure. That being said, many other companies likewise China mobiles etc have joined hands together to aid Google for such a cause.

Yet it also has been noticed over the years that Google and it’s faster partners are not just the only ones involved in undersea cabling system, as there actually exist others too doing the same.

Google efforts to global reach: faster cable system is all about expanding the network to its best, and also it offers a lot of other benefits too. According to the McGregor statement, the faster cabling system is all about the expansion of network to other regions, which rightly elaborates the efforts of Google to global reach.

Super highway under the water: since the companies are all bent on transferring data all over the world, it is must for them to build their own infrastructure, for this a lot of tech companies such as Google, Facebook are investing in transoceanic cables and also domestic fiber capacity as the requirements of transferring the data is absolutely on the same scale as all the other major telecom companies.

Infrastructure: as mentioned above with much of the data travelling, its a must to own their own infrastructure, since the goal is to expand the data traveling all over the world, building the infrastructure is quite important for such a cause.