Is Google Really Up To Paying Nearly $3 Billion For Being A Search Engine?

There might be no other organizations in the tech world who contend as furiously as Google and Apple – however late reports indicate they share a one of a kind, advantageous relationship.

Google is paying an impressive entirety of cash each year to remain the default web index of Apple’s Safari program.

What amount of cash? The correct entirety isn’t referred to, yet it could be as much as $3 billion every year. CNBC was first to break the news about a Bernstein report that touched base at this number.

It is known without a doubt, as per a court archive referenced in the report, that Google was paying $1 billion every year to be the default web index on iOS in 2014.

Bernstein examiner Toni Sacconaghi trusts that number has ascended to $3 billion because of an assortment of variables.

iOS devices sales and mobile traffic have expanded from that point forward. Apple summons 18% of the cell phone showcase, making it the world’s best cell phone seller.

What’s more, Apple’s income from authorizing / licensing has grown marginally, as has Google’s activity acquisition costs.

With the greater part of that mulled over, it is trusted that Google will be paying Apple up to $3 billion before the finish of 2017 to be Safari’s default web search tool.

History has demonstrated Apple is not reluctant to drop Google services as iOS defaults. Quite a while back, iPhones used to accompany YouTube and Google Maps pre-installed.

Presently they must be downloaded from the App Store, and Apple has since presented its own Maps rival.

All things considered, it’s possible Google will keep paying Apple expansive totals of cash to remain its default web index for years to come.

Business Insider trusts the aggregate will just keep on growing a seemingly endless amount of time.