GTA V | Learning tool for driverless cars


As surprising as it may sound, engineers and researchers have come up to a point where they are now using GTA 5 as a tool to learn from “what not to do when in public”, as they are all saying it. Driverless cars can be the next big reality we all are going to witness and there is a lot that has been going on to make it happen!

Within the next three years, Ford and Waymo want to launch these driverless cars. It is a strict deadline that they have kind of pledged to hit. It’s an expensive and time consuming process, provided that it has to go past a lot of testing and re-testing phases before it finally launches in the market. Greatly known researchers from different universities have been trying to integrate GTA V’s algorithm in driverless cars. There are scientists from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, and Intel Laboratories who have brought together a whole system to extract visual information from GTA V. This will offer different kinds of scenarios to the testing team so that they can work on what mistakes these driverless cars are not supposed to make and how exactly they are supposed to act about in different situations. The whole idea of dragging Rockstar Games biggest product into the creation and testing of driverless cars is to see how everything that happens in the game will look in reality.

How impressive is the work of Rockstar Games that a mere video game is now being used to teach this huge, new invention about how to drive a car without a human being!