Increment of technology is a decrement to humanity – Really?

Humanity and technology

Like there’s a negative and positive corner of everything, no wonder the technology has it too. But to blame on technology on every downfall we might be possessing currently is quite incorrect. You can’t claim the technology for your loss and disabilities. Yes! An extensive use of anything is never coming out with any results that might go in your favor. Hence, that’ could be a reason because of why technology might be causing interruptions in your life. Yet – it’s not its faults and the fault is still yours because you’re the one who’s utilizing it in a way in which it’s causing the disturbance.

Let’s jot down few of the topmost three reasons because of which technology can turn out to be harmful for you. So that, after considering these you can compensate these lacking.

Take a look;

Extensive use of internet – Never too good!

Perhaps the extensive use of anything is never with positive outcomes. Individuals are fond of internet so much that they’re crossing the limits and boundaries. Sitting by the laptops, consuming the electricity inside you while being continuously by the screens, can cause many diseases to your credibility. The empowerment of thinking gets lessened and you become addicted to the usage of internet. And hence, you are found with utilizing internet for even no purpose at all. Remember, the addiction causes nothing but drawbacks in your life.

Even for smallest readings – they consider the internet resources

I have been noticing the kids that they’re switching their reading mediums to internet resources. Even for the smallest perspectives, for consuming a bit of knowledge about the easiest things – except of considering the books for these purposes are found with glancing over the internet resources. Why? It’s because the passion for simple and basic life strategies is being dead with the passage of time. Remember that everything contains its own charms and the books are necessary. The internet’s articles might possess some errors, but the books won’t. The authors of the books are historical, and contain a better experience for writing on various subjects than some high-school kids writing columns and selling it over to websites.

Connecting with far away pals – but ignoring the ones living within the residences

Millions of Whatsapp’s messages are sent globally, each day. Yet, 40% of the living human beings are expected to possess a feel of loneliness. It’s because, the moms are texting, the dad’s are calling and the teenagers are busy in whatsoever! Point is, the lack of human interaction is getting lessened and hence we experience loneliness taking places amongst us. Because we don’t give time too much, we’re too addicted to the social media and stuff so much that we ourselves don’t know about how to control things, anymore.


A pause and restart is needed to cause a better phenomenon of dealing with things, between us. The technology is not the one that’s causing destruction but the approach of humans are. Utilize the technological glimpses for the betterment of yours, and not make it as a reason for your falls.