Google chat app is fading away from the limelight

Google chat app is fading away from the limelight

From the loyal user’s point of view, one of the happening parts about using Gmail is Google chat, the instant-messaging app that allows you to chat with other Google users. This super handy feature makes it tranquil to get done with projects, enables you to keep your inbox free of mess, and gives you the luxury of chatting with your beloved ones without any trouble. Google, the biggest search engine, loves experimenting and this time it is all set to eliminate Google Chat app, for good of course.

Gchat will be permanently substituted by Hangouts on 26th June 2017

The users won’t be able to access Google Chat app and they will be redirected to Hangouts chat automatically. But don’t you worry, google will notify the users in coming weeks and will be revealing more details soon. Google has a lot in the box altogether, so it doesn’t seem like much of a hassle.

Google has been wanting to do this for years. There will still be a texting forum integrated into the core Gmail practice, and contacts will also be transitioned over.

Google Talk for Android is also chopped off:

By chance, the Google Talk app for android will also suffer the consequences and will be removed along with other applications which work in collaboration with Google Talk services. To go over, this is not a sudden plan, but a forceful change of environments by Google. Hangouts and all the other apps which support Hangouts will be fully functional.
Google Chat will be soon off in the seashore and many of its users are finding it hard to accept this decision of Google. Moreover, it also brings back tender memories of the early times of the internet, at an epoch where AIM presented internet usage. Google is not going to go away from the market and has told its users to stay connected for latest updates and apps.

Let Google Chat app sink in; we have other Google’s messaging apps:

For the Google users who are reluctant with this change, hang on. Hangouts are not the only available option out there. They have a wide range of messaging apps. For instance: Allo, Android Messages, Duo and Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger (it is an experimental app without a keyboard), as well. Google would never want its users to settle for anything less than the best and looks like another perfection is on its way. So, you don’t have to fancy over Hangouts only.

Technology is advancing day by day and for now, Google seems to be pretty much confused with the majority of its messaging platforms. But now it is constantly updating Duo and Allo. The new features include file-sharing (Allo) and voice call functionality (Duo). Google believes in the outstanding design process and innovative changes. Although, the users are annoyed and fed up of updating their phones but we must agree to the fact that Google Chat app as a whole didn’t make a solid impact, unfortunately.

SMS option from Hangouts will be removed on May 22nd:

According to the recent reports and stories emerging in the tech world, Google has also decided to remove SMS option from hangouts. Android phone users should drive towards the latest Android messaging app, which is loaded with exciting user-friendly features like group chats, read receipts and high-resolution picture sharing.

Through this strategy, we can predict that Google is keen on going for Rich Communication Services, or RCS, a better-quality standard for text and multimedia sharing. Now that Google Chat app is being cut off, users and other companies are curious to find out about the improvised version of Hangouts. To add to your knowledge, in the Google’s cleanup session, Google is going to eliminate the Google+ functionality on Gmail in the coming weeks so a fine number of experimental Gmail Labs objects are getting rolled into official Gmail add-ons. Google says the changes will help it “focus and prioritize” on the features and apps which are more important. They must undergo the recycling process before they launch something big in the market.

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