Mark Zuckerberg commencement address at Harvard | Creating a world that has a sense of purpose

Mark Zuckerberg commencement address at Harvard

The guy behind Facebook that we see today never had hoped for a company that he has built today. Yet again in his commencement address at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg inspired many million people, those who were present in front of him under the pouring rain and those who saw him over videos that were shared across the world.

It was quite an interesting address full of emotions, inspiration, and a little bit of pun. Like he mentioned in the beginning, if “If I get through this speech, it’ll be the first time I actually finish something at Harvard,” As we all know well, Mark is a drop out from Harvard University but after what he has achieved, who cares, right?

His address was about finding a purpose in life. But more than that, he focused on how important it is to create a sense of purpose for others. He said that it was achievable in three ways; by taking big projects as a team which are meaningful, by giving a new definition to equality so that everyone, nearly everyone has a purpose in life to pursue without the fear of falling back and lastly, by building a community across the whole wide world.

This man, Mark, before creating himself a sense of purpose for the world (by connecting the world via one single application, Facebook) lost his entire team in a struggle to achieve what he was pursuing for. After he had worked on a module of news feed, he got an offer from a lot of companies who wanted to buy them, but he did not want to sell. He still had the urge to connect more people and this purpose was bigger than himself. He never hoped for creating a big company but to create an impact. At this time, nearly everyone in his company wanted to sell except him and that’s how he lost his members. The relationship between him and the management team got so bad that it tore the company apart and each and every person left the company.

So, as I mentioned, finding a purpose can be achieved in 3 ways, he explained exactly how we can do that. A lot of major things have happened in both, bigger and smaller parts of the world and they were achieved by people like us only. So if he says that we need to take big meaningful projects together, he is not talking big in the air. Those who sent that guy on the moon had no idea they could do it, not until they had sent him and achieved a milestone. A lot of people, over a million, worked as volunteers to immunize children against polio. It did not just happen. Though they did not hope for something that big but they had created a sense of purpose for the world so success was guaranteed. Another way creating a sense of purpose is achievable by redefining equality. There is something wrong with our system.

There are people with not so great ideas starting up with something that think is big and then collapsing and then people with greater ideas not even being able to take a risk of initiating it because they don’t have enough resources to feed them in case they fall. There is no cushion to fall back, as Mark says in his own words. One important thing that he mentioned that it’s not always great ideas that have to work. It’s luck which has to go in your favor. Mark mentioned that if he knew he had to support his family, he would not have coded through his life and risked it on Facebook, something he was not sure of at that time. He was lucky that his parents were stable so he could focus on pursuing his dream.

About connecting communities around the world, that’s what he himself did while sitting in his dorm. He took a few other names during his address who made an effort at building communities.

To conclude, it was, first of all, a very inspirational speech! He shed line on those areas which had to be worked on and he is a living example, if people want a reference. The world out there is needy for a sense of purpose and it’s time we learn something from what Mark said and get on our heels to make an impact. Success definitely lies within.