Robots are being designed to give births – An AI Technology

Robots are being designed to give births – An AI Technology

Recently I have been writing a lot about Robotics and AI. In my previous articles too, I ended up my article concluding that the AI in the current era is overwhelming the world with its amazing sensing abilities. Just when I was wondering about to drop my thoughts regarding the other various aspects of technology, I went through this viral research paper that was saying that some more crazy robots are being generated that simulate all the human abilities.

Recently few robots are being formed that compose the ability to give birth to baby dolls. The sounds are quite unique and the noises that they generate while you’re operating it as if the robot is pregnant are also pretty accurate.

Let’s dig a bit more into its essence and interface. Take a look;

Things you can’t practice in real hospital, you can practice upon them!

The kinds of stuff you can’t actually practice in the hospitals can actually be experienced over them. Like, the nurses, while they’re studying the nursing are not permitted to perform all kinds of nursing activities on patients since there is no room for any mistakes. Hence, considering drawbacks as these – they have brought up this amazing robot to life that would help you in experiencing your experiments at it. It’d compose all the features of a human that is needed, while the doctors are attempting their services. This is some phenomenal technology that is taking place lately.

They simulate the human nature perfectly

Like I have mentioned under the above title that they are going to be simulating, JUST everything that a human can do! Correspondingly, keeping such approach in mindsets – they’re pretty much able to respond in all kinds of ways. When the nurses are experimenting on them, they’re going to respond just as accurately. Even if a nurse would do anything wrong, the bleeding coming by these robots is possible. Additionally, it can also vomit and respond in plenty other aspects.

Operations for pregnancy can be done upon them!

The nurses can experiment the operations like pregnancy ones upon them. They’d vomit back, scream back, shout in the wildest ways and in fact give a birth to a child at the end of the operation. Like all the responses you get, while you’re operating a human are expected by these productive robots.

Even the baby comes out, What?

If you didn’t take a deep look into what is written in the above section, then here it is again! “They will even send you the baby, after the operation”! Woah, come on!? You must be wondering about how is it even possible? Well, that is what I have been explaining for quite some while too. The current generation is being exposed to few of the craziest, yet interesting norms of this world. Who would’ve ever though that this would be happening in reality, but it is taking place and it’s awesome, no?


Hope the article has ended up being very informative for you!