Samsung to release flagship phones in late April | Samsung S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung to release flagship phones in late April | Samsung S8 and S8 Plus

Another release of Samsung’s flagship smartphones. Fellas, we have Samsung S8 and S8 plus to surprise you! The year 2016 did not bring good response to them because of note 7 explosions. As DJ Koh, chief of Samsung mobile mentioned, it was a challenging year for them and that they had learnt some hard lessons. But tech giants like these see failures as another opportunity.

“The Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets mark a new era of smartphone design,” mentioned Koh. Officially releasing on April 21st, here is what these latest flagship phones have for you.

Longer in length

Compared to other phones in the galaxy series, Samsung S8 and S8 plus are slightly longer in length. Samsung 8 has a 5.8 inch display whereas the latter is 6.2 inches long. Samsung this time, has gotten rid of bezel borders, and that they did to maximize the surface area of the screen. No changes are made on the width dimension, though.

Samsung S8 and S8 plus now have edges wrapped around a glass body. This gives them the same look as the edge versions of the galaxy phones do. And as Samsung reports, this edge-y look has become their default design for all the upcoming phones in galaxy series. That’s a great news!

Samsung S8 and S8 plus available in 5 distinct colors, wow!

The five colors are the following;

  • Coral Blue
  • Midnight Black
  • Maple Gold
  • Arctic Silver
  • Orchid Grey

Coral Blue as we can see is a fairly new addition in their color swatch.

Fingerprint scanner repositioned!

Samsung has made it easier! The technology to unlock your phone is still the same but now it’s easier and quicker to unlock your phone via fingerprint scanner which has now been repositioned at the back of the phone, adjacent to the camera.

DeX Dock turns phone into a PC

With the introduction of Samsung S8 and S8 plus, Samsung has also introduced a docking device by the name of DeX. About 4 inches in diameter, DeX is a small device in shape of a puck. When you put your phone inside it, a button like structure in the middle pushes in, allowing the cradle to pop up. Via USB Type C, a user can cradle Samsung S8 on it. Mouse and keyboard can also get plugged-in. Two other good features that add to DeX is the fast charging option and a built-in cooling fan.

Samsung will be challenged if people do not prefer to spend on this additional device which is cool and handy but adds extra bit of an expense on their budget list.

What else do we have in the flagship phones?

Home button has been replaced by a virtual key. Yes, you read it right! There is no button on the screen anymore.
Both the phones have Octa-Core processors, 64 GB of internal storage and 4 GB RAM. They run on the latest version of Android, Nougat 7.0.

They have QUAD HD+ display which means that watching movies on your phone has now become an option, given that it already has a bigger screen.

Facial recognition is another feature that they have added in their flagship phones. This is counted as the 5th way of unlocking your phone, iris scanning being the 4th one. It looks like Samsung is paying good amount of attention on improving security so that there are least chances of someone unwanted accessing your phone and stealing your data.

Following its ancestors, both phones are water and dust resistant. They are rated IPS, being water resistant for 30 minutes up to a depth of 1.5 meters.

Camera specifications of Samsung S8 and S8 plus

Supporting 8 MP front camera with aperture f1.7 and 12 MP back camera, these phones have come up with auto focus features. Fantastic introduction for people who love to do phone photography. It’s also going to allow people shoot 4K videos.

Bixby, New AI assistant for Samsung users

With this new introduction, users can now control their phones you’re their voices at just a single push of a button. This suggests that you can still use your phone to say, send a quick text message while you are driving. Bixby is now more powerful digital assistant of Samsung users.

We will say bye on the note of quoting prices of these phones. Samsung s8 is priced at a launching rate of $720 while S8 plus is priced at $840.
How much do you want to buy the new flagship phone?