Self Driving Cars – What, When & How?

Self Driving Cars - What, When & How?

The widely heard prospective of Self driving cars more to be known as robotic or autonomous cars still seems as a dream or something like impossibly futuristic. No offense that the debut will take our hands off the wheels and cherish the era of a no-driver car. Honda has spelled out to market the first autonomous vehicle by 2020, while BMW and Ford plans to get their first one in 2021.

However, Ford is heard to be tripling the investment and already testing 30 infusion hybrids so a completely self-driving car can also pop up in 2018. Tesla, Nissan and Mercedes are also competing on a high scale against their rivals.

“self-driving cars that are capable of sensing different environments and requires no human input for navigation will soon be seen rushing on highways”

Wow! No human input? That’s great but not to forget that there is still a long path to go!

The self-driving car’s timeline

The self-driving car road map starts from 2018 and ends at 2025.

2018-First Landmark

2018 is expected to come up with “hands-off” driving, however drivers will still be responsible to take control in case of tech fails and bad situations-allowing drivers to get their hands off the steering for 3 minutes in a single chance.

2021- Second Landmark

The next decade will allow you to read, write or anything you want to do with both of your hands while sitting on a steering. Yes, Anything with both hands!

2021 is going to facilitate you with complete autonomy with the assistance of radars, lasers, cameras and much more. These cars will be able to accelerate, steer and brake all on their own!

2025- Third Landmark

Experts marked 2025 to be the era of fully autonomous cars. when the cars will be connected wirelessly to each other and will make decisions depending upon traffic conditions by analyzing the road infrastructure. However, a steering will still be present but with full guarantee of technology to not to fail in any case.

Several questions popping up from infrastructure to insurance needs to be answered before these cars becomes an actual sight on roads.

Self-driving car’s infrastructure

Well, a car being drove without a human driver on highways with heavy traffic in surrounding is something breathe taking.

The model of self-driving cars lies on expertise of radar, GPS, computer vision, laser light and odometry. Autonomous cars facilitates you to “hands-off driving” with the help of a control system that interprets different situations and vehicles on road. The infrastructure of self-driving cars in near future is all in the arms of a control system that detects suitable navigations, road signs and hurdles to drive through the best route to the desired destination.

Potential benefits of autonomous future

Benefits likely to step up in near future of autonomous world are

  • Notable cutback in traffic collisions and resulting injuries that reduces the cost of insurance
  • Enhanced mobility for disabled people, children and elderly.
  • No more navigation chores and long hours of driving for travelers.
  • Appropriate use of fuel.
  • Reduced needs of parking spaces in cities.