Top 5 technological trends to follow in 2016

technological trends

Technology is apparently holding the essence that we can’t neglect in any way. Technology in the world is evolving some amazing trends by coming up with its amazing glimpses in various areas of life. Lately we came across a gadget that is helping in converting human’s burnt ash into a plant. Correspondingly if we go in digging more into the new technological inventions, we’d run across many other crazy things being created.

So we sort of did some research about few of the topmost trends of technology that are being run in 2016, which will help to technological science in getting some more boost up. In this article, we’d be exploring to those topmost 5 latest technology trends that are or ought to come.

Take a look:

Humans talking to their minds

Lately in an interview, the CEO of Facebook, “Mark Zukerberg” has predicted that soon the humans would be talking with their minds. They’d get the access of internet from the source called as orbital lasers beaming power down to Earth. With all the amazing technologies that are being a part of 2016 era, there are still plenty more to come.

Virtual and augmented reality – Unbelievable stuff!

It is being said that in this year, Virtual reality would at last be shinning upon the consumer levels! Products like Facebook Inc.’s FB, 0.87% Oculus Rift is going to take over. This would be the first virtual reality based headset which would not need any smartphone gear.

Carry the data on your wrists – Wearables!

The Wear-able is being formed to help in carrying the data on your hands. This is some crazy technology trend, taking place right now. That refers to the fact that you can actually carry the data inside your body, with just wearing this incredible gadget. It is being said that soon these devices will be able to link itself directly with the internet without even being referred to any third-party device.

Automative technology is up to take a record – The Smart Cars!

The self-driving vehicles are being formed that contains the eligibility to run itself with its own intelligence. As mentioned in my previous articles that the current technological era is explicitly basing upon the artificial intelligence. Correspondingly with all the other amazing inventions of technology that is being done lately, we also have this stunning smart car’s technology on board now. The cars are totally automotive that refers to the fact that they can produce movements by their own specific senses.

Artificial Intelligence – Crazy Robots!

The Artificial Intelligence is going above the hills, and you can actually witness some exceptional corners of technology taking place in the world of science now. The trend of inventing some of the craziest robots of the time is on the screens now. Lately, a robot is generated by some students in China that plays badmintons. Correspondingly there are plenty others too. The point is, the robots having some perfect intellectual level that was unseen before will now be seen. And you’d experience the kinds of bots that’d interact with you just as how humans do.