Twitter Tries to Get Stickier

Twitter Tries to Get Stickier

Since new developments are being made in almost every field, especially if we talk about tech- world then it is quite notifiable that the technology has advanced to quite an extent. Whether its about some application or a new gadget, we get to witness new developments day-to-day, in quite a positive manner. New features are being made, just for a fact that the app or the gadget doesn’t get old fashioned and the users don’t get bored of using it. In a dimension where we happen to exist, the society doesn’t accept such kind of things.

On noticing this fact the hands behind some of the biggest applications are bent on innovating something new and unique, just to entice their users in all the possible of ways. This time around too, engineers at the most popular social networking site i.e. twitter have put all their efforts in innovating some new features just to make sure that the site doesnt get dull and boring. Announcements have been made public for the new feature to be “stickers.”

Says Sasanak Reddy a senior product manager at twitter,” Soon, you can browse our rotating sets of stickers to join in on real-time conversations, and select from the library of hundreds of accessories, emoji, and props to make your photos more fun.” For all the ones loving the fact of adding coolest sickers in their picture now can explore this feature and can absolutely be benefitted by it. Further he added that the stickers will soon be out for the android and the iOS or to be more appropriate on the timeline as according to his words, he added, over the next few weeks they’ll be out.

Down below I’ll be discussing the positivities it might have on increasing the popularity of twitter.

Youth- as a target: This particular feature has deliberately been made just to target the youngsters, as for a fact the youngsters are seen as being more excited with adding new and different filters and stickers to their photos, just to add more aestheticity to them.

Has the potential to become a franchise: Stickers can be a source of making twitter a complete franchise, since they can absolutely prove out to be a revenue for the twitter. Stickers are not the only thing that twitter has in store, instead it has many other options like all the other social sites, as for example it provides filters, tags, cropping and what not.

Attracts photographers: Photographers might absolutely get attracted by this newly invented feature, it strikes them and some of them take inspiration from these things. Hence for this very reason they are adopted just to beautify the pictures.