WeChat mini programs development | A threat to Apple and Google?

WeChat mini programs development | A threat to Apple and Google?

WeChat, which is China’s most versatile social media app, is becoming a living threat to Google and Apple. Before Tancent’s idea to go offline and work towards WeChat mini programs development, they were already a big hit. Some sources mentioned that it’s so user friendly that people WANT TO use it and at the same time, it’s so versatile that people HAVE to use to for one thing or the other. Imagine how powerful WeChat would be!

The mobile payment market of China is moving much faster than that of the US. The payment methods have been revolutionized so much that it has come up far above web banking. We were so satisfied at the new web banking technology when it first became widespread, considering that this was it and couldn’t get any better. Who thought transferring money would be as easy as chatting with someone on your phone, or if you ever forgot your wallet at home, would you be able to buy a breakfast for yourself from the smallest of vendors? It is a definite possibility now, with the existence of apps like WeChat.

WeChat is not just a messaging app!

The basic function of WeChat is messaging or voice calling but Tancent has made it go far above that. In a few words, WeChat is an app offering M-Commerce services, and with that it’s also making easier for you to connect to people, so it’s a mixture of both Facebook and WhatsApp. It has a lot of online traffic because of the features it offers, like paying utility bills, read news, order your favourite food, book a ride, and what not. Every feature that I just mentioned here is what exists WITHIN the same application.

Tancent believed that this is not it! | It’s now working towards WeChat Mini Programs Development

Tancent aims to make this app so powerful that it becomes a ‘central component of a user’s life’. Matthew Brennan, who is a co-founder of WeChat seems satisfied but believes that they now need to move on. While having a discussion with a tech blogger, he said, “They’ve already done an amazing job, but they’ve reached a saturation point.” Hence, the idea of WeChat mini program development.

Basically these mini programs are supposed to be some kind of embedded sub softwares that would exist within WeChat and not require any installation. Tancent wants to offer these services even when the user is not connected to the internet.

Challenges being faced by Tancent in regard with WeChat’s latest feature

The biggest challenge that WeChat has with its mini program development is that they are supposed to be context driven and light weight at the same time. By context driven, I mean that they should only appear on screen as an option when there is a need to. In other words, they need to make them intelligent. An example of this would be to receive updates on bus schedules of buses travelling nearby. You won’t always need a bus schedule. Therefore, it should only pop up if you are standing at a bus stop for a certain time period.

Another challenge with WeChat mini program development is that if you are not a developer, launching it is not really a possibility. As Tancent itself explains, you need to learn certain things before you develop a mini program for WeChat. You need to make yourself more comfortable with its exclusive language. Here, your HTML and CSS format largely changes. Your HTML needs to be replaced with wxml file and the CSS one replaces with wxss. So part of Tancent’s job is to make the developing process either simpler or they need to provide clear explanatory tutorials so that all the companies exactly know how are they are supposed to create their mini programs to house them within WeChat.

These mini programs are not developed like a full-fledge app but they do look like one. However, Tancent gave them a term ‘mini programs’ because Apple would not approve of them being called an ‘app’.

There is no app yet that houses an app store inside of it. It has happened for the first time ever that an app opens up another app by the smallest process of scanning a QR code. Hence, the idea of WeChat mini program development.

It’s not wrong to state that WeChat is becoming a threat to Apple and Google as the users are getting almost everything done with the installation of a single app.